Sunday, 20 January 2013

The best red eyeshadow in the world

If there is one party eye makeup I love is glittery red eyes. Not wanting to blow my own trumpet, but I have found nothing gets you as many compliments as red glittery eyes. Once, I was coming back from a night out, was a bit naughty, didn't remove my eye makeup (don't sleep in your makeup, it gives you spots) and was stopped (the following day) by the Boots Makeup woman whose makeup is always absolutely flawless and she went 'woah, what's that you on your eyes'. I must say, I loved that moment as for once I was a getting a compliment from a makeup professional.

But my beloved red glittery eyes demand a pigmented red eyeshadow and good quality and inexpnsive eye shadows are VERY hard to find in the high street.

When I finished the teeny tiny little red eyeshadow part of famous 'ebay' 88 matte eyeshadow palette (the only shadow I used out of that palette, I had never liked that palette at all actually) I realised how difficult it was to find an inexpensive and good quality red eyeshadow on the high street. Matte shadows in general are harder to find, but blooming heck finding a matte red one really felt like mission impossible.

No point going to Boots or Superdrug, you'd be wasting your time. If you don't want to go through the expensive Mac route, Illamasqua does a gorgeous one (@LizzumsBB aka benebelle has some gorgeous swatches for you) but I'd rather not spend £16 in a eyeshadow if I could and would rather pay £1 more and purchase a pair of stunning lashes. Topshop does a lovely red shadow but 1) it's more a raspberry pink shade of red and 2) topshop annoys me, being so pretentious only selling their makeup in the poshest and biggest shops in England. Sleek finally released a red eyeshadow in one of their eyeshadow palettes but the palette was only a limited edition item, in honour of the Olympics and you still had to fork out £7.99 for it.

Ebay once again came to my rescue and you have no idea how excited I was to find a super pigmented red eyeshadow for just £1.76. Now for the confusing part. The shadow is made from the lovely folks at Stargazer. They have, I believe, 2 red eyeshadows. One is disappointing, and is called the 'fluorescent' one. Don't get that one, because it's dry and not that pigmented. You want to get the other one, also called the red velvet one by some sellers. I always wear a primer and a white base to maximise the duration and pigmentation of my eyeshadows but I took some photos for you, without any primer or anything to show you how pigmented this little bad boy is. POW!


I hope you will excuse the abysmally bad outdoor lighting. That’s England for you!



This shadow is everything you want from a eyeshadow: very good pigmentation, soft but not too much fall out, very easy to blend and is £1.76. Why get anything else?


I told you people liked it Winking smile


It’s Sunday and that means it’s Blogging Date with Sirvinya. If you have a few minutes to spare, please do check Sirvinya’s beauty blog. Thank you for reading xx

What: Stargazer Red (velvet) eyeshadow
How much: £1.76 (+£1.44 postage)
Where: Ebay. Seller is called Supply me Beauty.
Link to product here.


Sirvinya said...

Wow, red is definitely a good look on you!

Janelle said...

Stargazer is a brand that's full of hidden gems. Thanks for sharing :)

Jane said...

Oh i used to love stargazer! I had this one as a 15 year old goth kid, used to do the whole Gerard Way wannabe thing ha!
Sugarpill's love+ is an amazing red shadow, I think they sell it in Cyberdog in the uk now!

Viktoria said...

You are so pretty!

seraphicgirl1986 said...

wohooo! That ones really a steal and I love your EOTD!

Julie-Ann Fortune said...

This really suits you, red eyeshadow makes my eyes look scabby :( x

The Student's Guide To Nail Polish said...

Amazing pigmentation for the price! Wow!

Haha, cheeky picture :P

Robyn said...

Wow, this looks great! I used to use so much Stargazer! If you have a Z-palette or similar, you can get an single Inglot pan for about £4 and they have a couple of nice reds but there's only one store in London! And Barry M do a matte red dazzle dust but again, it's more of a pinky red. And then of course there is Sugarpill Love+ which is amazing but it's not super cheap or easy to just go and pick up... There just needs to be more red eyeshadows! I love this look on you too.

Fashion Floozy said...

wooooow so cool!

Rebecca (Oh! Panda) said...

I would also recommend Inglot for red eyeshadows too, I have a lovely one from them in a palette I created.

Red looks really good on you! xx

Ambarina Hasan said...

Love this on you, you look sooooo pretty!
Ambarina ~ Beauty Passionista Beauty & Style Blog

Sophie said...

Gorgeous. What glitter did you use? I want red glitter!

petersmith said...

There just needs to be more red eyeshadows! I love this look on you too.

S M Rishad said...

Thank you so much. Just what I was looking for !!!!

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