Monday, 10 December 2012

A pop of colour

It seems that these days that not a day passes without a celebrity releasing a beauty product. Sometimes their endorsement and whether they were really involved in the creation of the product is a bit dubious but there are times when it really makes sense and you wonder why a particular product weren't released any sooner. Cue Katy Perry and her most recent collaboration with Eylure lashes.

Katy Perry released some false lashes before but never before have they looked as perry-esque as they do now. Katy Perry is all about bright colourful looks and these lashes invite you to add a pop of colour into your makeup look.

katy perry eylure color pop false lashes 2013

These would be perfect if you want good quality and reliable quality lashes (as opposed to taking your chances with lashes an obscure random brand on eBay) to complete an already bright and colourful eye makeup or if you want to subtly enhance the natural colour of your eyes. The blue and the purple would be ideal to make brown eyes pop.

katy perry eylure color pop false lashes 2013

The packaging is absolutely spot on: What more appropriate that pop art to illustrate lashes with a pop of colour. The shape of the colour of pop lashes also excite me. The feathery look really remind of the luxurious shu uemura smokey layers who are by far, without the shadow of a doubt THE lashes which have got me the most compliments EVER. When I wear them, people go 'You should wear them often'. Well, I would if they weren't £17 a pop! They also present 2 features that I really like on false lashes: a solid lashline (easier to conceal than 'dash-lined' ones) and the fact that they are shorter on both the inner and outer corner. Lashes which have a slanted shape and longer at the outer corner do not tend to suit me as they emphasise my droopy lids.

katy perry eylure color pop false lashes 2013

katy perry eylure color pop false lashes 2013

If you couldn't tell already I am beyond excited about these lashes. The concept, the name, the shape, the colour and the fact that they scream Katy Perry to me. They cement the idea that I already have in mind of Katy Perry: Her costumes are so much fun, you could almost believe she comes straight out of a comic book.

katy perry eylure color pop false lashes 2013


According to the lovely Bicky, from Tastes Like Glitter, these little beauties will be released in January 2013. I can't wait to check them out and see how they compare to the 'pop-of-red' (Girls Aloud) Sarah Festival lashes.

katy perry eylure color pop false lashes 2013

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Thursday, 23 February 2012

They have landed, finally :)

As we were promised, the Eylure Katy Perry false eyelashes were released a few days ago and they are right here waiting for us to enjoy them. My bank balance is not very rosy at the moment but I just couldn't wait to check them in person.



As I expected, the Cool Kitty lashes (blue box) are my favourite and they are looking absolutely stunning.

The 'Oh My' (purple box) the other pair which was on my lust list are in reality a superposition of 2 pairs of lashes for added drama and intensity, which explains why they are £1 dearer. My experience with Eylure double lashes is not overwhelming: the very thick double lashline makes the placement very difficult and I rather stick two pairs of lashes that I already own together to achieve a double layers effect. I can't wait for a 3 for 2 offer to restock on my favourite pair (Eylure 101) and get a 'Cool Kitty' at the same time.

Have you treated yourself  with the Katy Perry lashes yet?

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Friday, 20 January 2012

The one which fluttered away…

You might already have seen these if you've been around on twitter today but I just could not not blog about them. I am a massive fan of Eylure false lashes and equally massive fan of Katy Perry's makeup. Katy Perry's eye make up looks always excite me: it's fun, it's colourful, dramatic, glittery and fluttery.


In February, Eylure and Katy Perry fans will be able to purchase nationwide (Boots and Superdrug) the amazing creations of their collaboration. I am not quite sure of the prices but I would imagine that these would retail around the the £6 mark.

02-katy-perry-eylure-false-eyelashes-oh honey!

Katy Perry's collection is to die for and boast 4 pairs of eyelashes: from the dainty, delicate 'sweetie pie' to the full on drama of 'Oh my'. I prefer a fuller lashline personally (easier to conceal) so will probably pass on 'Oh Honey' and 'Sweetie Pie' as they both sport an invisiband but I just cannot wait to play with ‘Cool Kittie’ and ‘Oh My!’.

Hurry up, February!


Have you got any favourites?
Will you be checking these out in store?

photo credits: source.

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Monday, 2 May 2011

'Sharksbiteoflifesque' California Gurls Inspired Makeup Look

If I'm not careful, this blog is going to turn into everything else but not makeup. I can't believe the last makeup look I posted was dated the end of March. Is my addiction of nail polish taking over, am I losing confidence with makeup, I don't know but it's time I tried to rectify the situation and put more makeup into my erm... makeup blog.

There are 2 projects I have been working on for a while now but there are not quite ready yet. Please bear with me whilst I play with makeup again and regain a bit of confidence. In the meantime, this is what I did earlier on - read ages ago. A look which I wanted to recreate from sharksbiteoflife, makeup guru on YouTube and her take on Katy Perry 'California Gurls' look.


This happened so long ago and I've lost my notes on what products I used and I am really sorry about that. Well mainly because if I wanted to recreate myself, I would be bummed and not knowing what shadows to use. What I *do* remember is using 2 pairs of false lashes at once, some blue underneath some regular black ones and some green glitter from fairy dust from eBay.

The main idea is to have a block of colour, smoked out as it goes towards the brow, not much of a crease, and some chunky glitter strategically placed only in the centre of the lid to add a bit of dimension to the look.


Ignore as well my blush placement: I do suck excellently well at it and I practise so rarely with blusher that I can't see myself improving in this area. I'm selling this look very well, ain't I? 


In an ideal world, I would be posting this on my YouTube channel but I've lost confidence with that too. Well, whilst we are talking about YouTube activity, to be honest, I am struggling to keep up with blogging (writing & reading that is) and YouTube. I had only 1 new year resolution, going back to YouTube properly and I managed to screw that up in an obsession to keep up with my blog reading & commenting, which is also equally important to me. Do you know what's a pressure? When you have 2000 lovely people subscribed to you YouTube (or thereabout if you ignore the lapsed accounts and the bots) and when you're not delivering the goods.


Thank you to all my loyal blog followers who are still following my blog, despite not posting makeup looks as frequently as I would like.
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Sunday, 10 April 2011

{NOTD} On the 10th day before Easter, a bunny rabbit gave to me...

... a little teaser "Not Like the Movies" from OPiiiiiiii...

And what a teaser! Meet "Not like the Movies", one of the 5 polishes from the Katy Perry Collection. OPI describes this as  "A great gunmetal which has undertones of green and purple depending on the light". I call it a light grey duochrome with iridescence of lavender and light green. It's beautiful. As with any duochromes, only expert photographers (i.e not total noob and amateur like me) would know how to capture it so please excuse my poor attempts.


My photos show 2 coats of smooth and very to apply polish. It would benefit from  but 3, but 2 coats don't bother and offers ample coverage for me. It's my little teaser and I want to make it last as long as I can.



The polish looks a bit gritty, but fear not, it is as smooth as a baby's bottom. I love moving my fingers in the air, and love seeing them lavender or green as I move them. It's a cute and very unique little polish.



As a fan of Kary Perry, I am pretty chuffed to own it. Thank you mystery Easter bunny rabbit!
Do you own a polish from Katy Perry. Feel free to spam me with your (relevant) link ^_^
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