Sunday, 26 August 2012

Under the Sun

Every now and then, I stumble on some old nail posts of mine and I notice that the pictures I've posted don't really do justice to the nail polish, mainly because of the lighting. On a small number of occasions, I would have posted about a polish very quickly, because of a special promotional offer happening there and now, and that it can't wait for her Majesty the sun, to make an appearance to make a better photo. So I wanted to create a series just for that: to provide more decent pictures for some polishes which have been a bit rushed and I would like to call this series 'Under the Sun'.

under the sun

Don't worry, my aim is not to re do everything, just a tiny amount of 'stragglers' which could do with a little update or addition. I don't think there will be many episodes in this series and I hope you will find it not too boring.



Unknown said...

Looking forward to it hun, I love your nails x

Valens said...

This series won't be boring, I like to see nail polishes with different lights.
ATM I'm doing a "victory dance" since my pc has allowed me to read your blog again!
I have a lot of post to read :)
Anyway, I'm super happy!!!

Emma said...

Sounds like a fab idea, always love seeing polishes in different lights (and the lack of sun is a constant annoyance haha!) xxxx

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