Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Things you do when you're off work :)

So I went to B&Q to buy some EG 60W soft terracota bayonet screw top bulbs and took my camera with me. It does not snow often in my town and I was hoping to take some snow scenes and use the snow setting on my new camera. On my way there, I noticed they had built a snow man in the yard of the fancy pub/restaurant/hotel, the Penny Bridge, so I could not resist clicking. There's me to prove I took the picture. Do you like my hat?


There's the creature close up.


On my way, on the part frozen canal, I met some little duckies. I was hoping the one you see walking on the frozen bit would fall for the lulz, but he didn't.


Millions of failed shots later, I tried to catch the sunset with the sunset setting of my camera. Umm not impressed, I wanted something more orangey


Spent ages in B&Q, and by the time I came back it was already night time. Here's a picture of the central square of my town, which happens to be where I live. Notice the intended *ahem* blurriness of the shot for artistic purposes. Before you ask, yes, I used the night scene setting for this :)


But the excitement of the past two days has definitely been all the international twitter love I received through the post. I was a bit taken by surprise as I did not know which camera setting to use to capture the moment haha. Jokes aside, I received the most adorable cards from @teampixie @sugonja, youtube celebrity makeup guru @blanchebabcock, @ashleighmaegan and @killerburrito. Thank you so so much guys :)


As if this was not enough, I also got sent a teeny xmas teddy bear from @sugonja and a handmade flower brooch from @teampixie. Too sweet, thank you so much! :)


To end my very busy day, I thought I would take some photos of my christmas decorations. First thing first, this is my reindeer family. Welcoming the new recruit for this year, may I introduce you to poundland girraffesque reindeer.


And this is my tree, The theme is the same as last year. Nature creatures meet lipstick red & silver discoballs and sequins.


My favourite decoration, the metallic birdcage. (I like to put a little scented bag inside, and I love the red glow created on it, when the fairy lights hit it) and the white metal reindeer. @glennyt: notice the hot bird on the top of the tree ;)



I could not find the bulbs I wanted at B&Q, I am still as rubbish as I was with taking photos but I had a lovely day.

Mmm, It's nice off to be work :)

What did you today? Did you take piccies? :) xx


Em said...

Lovely Christmas tree, and I love that photo of your town!

Bangs and a Bun said...

I lurvvv your Christmas tree - especially the birdcage, that's lovely.

The reindeer are the best though!

So nice that you got all those cards too.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas.

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