Friday, 25 December 2009

Elffing around

What’s Christmas for you? For me, it’s more about the parties around Christmas, rather than the day itself. This year, once again I decided to go out in a Christmas Fancy Dress on Christmas Eve. Originally I wanted to be a little reindeer as I purchased some fantastic gold copper sequins antlers last year but could not I find an outfit that I liked. So I decided to be an elf. Bought this dress from a shop in Preston and I was thrilled to see that the cut was a lot more flattering and covering that the majority of dresses I had seen around.


On the photo, the material looks pretty rigid, the dress looks short but still remains wearable-ish. Here’s me modelling the dress just before going out.


The dress came up with an assorted hat but I wanted to wear my mini elf hat instead, even though the two shades of green clashed. On the photos the clash is even more striking but in reality and in the whole night scene, it was hardly imperceptible. (more pictures to follow below)


Makeup wise, I did some sort of green & white cut crease look, using 3 greens from my 120 eyeshadow palette from eBay. In retrospect, I wish I had done a red look, but doing a green look was technically easier to do. I had also had some white glitter on the lid although this does not show at all on the picture but was beautiful in reality. For lashes, I wore some lashes from claire’s accessories. I probably have used them about 6 times, shocking but they are so durable!



Red lipstick or even red on the lower lash line would have made the look better also, but I do not have the teeth to sport red lipstick. And again, I wanted to be care free. Shortness of the dress and losing my camera was enough for me to worry about!

011The reality of that dress turned out to be a nightmare. Coupled with some tights whose crotch kept on going down, and a dress which creeped up every 2 steps I made, I only managed one drink in one bar, and had to come back home to rethink the whole thing again. The material was too stretchy and the dress ended up like a top more than anything. Fortunately, I live bang in town, and 2 minutes away from all the bars, dangerously handy ;)


So basically, after my first drink, I came back home, removed the tights, wore some black leggings, and felt instantly better and went straight out again. There is, I feel, nothing as unsexy and unattractive as a girl who feels too self conscious about her outfit. It really shows and I really wanted to have fun. And boy I had fun :)

What about you? Did you do anything on Christmas Eve? Any fancy dress at all? Do share your pics :) I loooooooove fancy dress! It’s so much fun!



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