Thursday, 10 December 2009

Twitter Love

I feel so frustrated with myself for not having written about this any sooner. An instant 140 characters post would have perhaps been better, but there is no way I could have expressed myself in a tweet. I always spend my time complaining that I never win anything, but this was until I’ve discovered twitter. A few weeks ago, I participated in a mini twittaway (twitter give away) generously hosted by the one and only @superdrugloves (aka the best beauty store in the UK) I forgot about it, until my little surprise reached me through the post. And there it was, waiting for me, some mysterious parcel containing Britney Spears’ latest album but most importantly the sweetest note ever.


That really made my week end. I was so excited and feeling loved afterwards, I went to take the train out of the blue to the next town, en route to a massive Superdrug and bought lots of goodies for me (This will have to be the object of another post) but also to give away, and share the Superdrug love in return. (details of my mini contest here) I really melted when I saw it, for the first time I was thanked to be spending my time on twitter :)


And then, when I thought it could not get any better, through the beauty of twitter and follow Fridays, I received the most adorable Christmas card from a girl I had only met on twitter for about a week before. Only @BangsandaBun could do something like this. Out of the blue (I love this expression) @BangsandaBun started this lovely operation of spreading the festive love, and before you knew it, my very first Christmas card of the year made its way to my little pad. I could have thanked you in a tweet, but since you are the queen of blogging, ( I wanted to make an effort to say thank you. Your card was adorable and you have the neatest of handwritings!!


Muireaan: your tweets are just so hilarious, they brighten my days, and I am eternally grateful @judy_jay for ever for having recommended you in her Follow Friday.


What’s twitter for you? A newspaper? a personal diary? A celebrities stalking facilitator? Call me corny, and go and get a bucket if you want, but for me, it’s never feeling lonely again and meeting and interacting with a lovely bunch of virtual people but with real love :)

liloo x


Judy Johnson said...

Great post and so true! Long live Twitter :) Great friendships, ideas and kindness xxx

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