Friday, 4 December 2009

:: CLOSED :: Sleek Makeup Palettes Mini Contest :)

Christmas is coming and I am feeling generous :)
Even though I am pretty much a little nobody on YouTube and only have about 150 subscribers maximum, I wanted to make a little makeup contest for my subscribers on YouTube. The deal is that you inspire me with a stunning makeup look of your creation, post it on YouTube as a response to my contest video, and I give you a eye shadow palette in return. Easy and simple :)
What’s the theme of the contest?There are 2 themes to choose from:
Theme 1 is Evening/Party/Glam, a makeup you would wear if you were going to a very special night out or a party.
Theme 2 is ‘Christmas inspired’. Choose anything Christmassy as your inspiration and create a make up look around it.
What are the prizes?I have two prizes which I am happy to give away, both from UK Brand ‘Sleek Makeup’. Not only these palettes are only available in the UK, they are only available in a very limited number of stores and they don’t even stock them in my town. I had to travel to get them for you :)

1 Sleek Makeup ‘I-Divine ‘Original’ Eyeshadow Palette

1 Sleek Makeup ‘I-Divine ‘Graphite’ Eyeshadow Palette (Limited Edition for the Festive Season)

May I thank Charlotte from for letting me reuse the photos she took of her GRAPHITE palette.
Not only has got one of the amazing beauty blogs on internet, but she has also mind blowing photography skills. Her photos are better than the official photos you see, and of ‘professional magazine quality’.

Important note about the prizesThe contest needs to have 3 participants minimum to be viable
0-2 participants: Contest is cancelled. Consolation prizes are sent to the 2 unlucky participants
3-9 Participants: 1 Sleek Makeup palette to be won
(winner to choose between the 'graphite' or the 'original' palette)
10 Participants or Over: 2 Winners. 2 Palettes are given away.
50 entries: I am throwing in a third palette, the exquisite 'Sunset' palette from SleekMakeup
First place winner gets to choose their favourite palette
Second place winner gets the palette which is left.

What’s the deadline? Can anybody enter?

Deadline is Sunday 20 December, 23.59 GMT
Anyone can enter, No matter your age. If you are under 18 please make sure to get parental permission to enter the contest
The contest is international
-- Must be a Subscriber to my channel on YouTube
-- Your entry must be posted a video response to the contest video
-- Can be video or Picture Slideshow
-- Must list the products you've used in the sidebar or in the video/slideshow
-- Your look can be wearable or Dramatic
-- You may enter as many times as you want
-- You can do a tutorial if you want.
Do you want to win a sleek makeup palette? Which one have you got already? Thank you so much for reading xx


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