Saturday, 6 February 2010

“Glam Crystals” from Collection 2000

I have been doing a little bit of research on the "glam crystals" glitter eyeliners from Collection 2000, for my twitter friends on the other side of pond. To start with, I made a little montage of all the colours from the collection 2000, which i posted on twitpic yesterday here, but then I got carried away and wanted to make some swatches and a quick look from my own little stash.


This is my little collection. I absolutely adore them. They're only £2.99 ($4.67 or 3.42 Euros) and they are unbelievably better that the much more expensive Urban Decay equivalents (Heavy Metal liners) Being used to the felt tip end of my Revlon Colorstay liner, I thought I would find the brush a bit tricky to use. Not all, the liner is super easy to apply, and very buildable.


Here's a quick quick quick look to demonstrate the 'shake it up' one (purple).
What I used with it: Lid: Vanilla (Mac) Champagne Gold pigment (eBay); Highlight: Blanc Type (Mac). I did not use any pink, but there might have been some pink left in my 217 brush lol.



I made the eyeliner a bit thicker on here.


While i was at boots, I swatched all the colours available.

008 009
picture 1: from left to right: dig it, va va voom, rock chic, hustle
picture 2: dancing queen, pow!, le freak, spandex, funk.

I fancy buying the pink one (dancing queen) and the 'rock chick' black one. Which ones have you got?


kyuubified said...

Oh wow, those are gorge!
Rock chic seems so different, never have seen a black glitter liner before.

Ashleigh said...

That look is absolutely gorgeous! I hope you wore it out and not just for the swatch ;)

I LOVE THEM ALL! I can't choose. Eventually I will own them all hahahaha ;)

Katie-Jane said...

Ah great post! I like Dig it! Haven't really seen many gold glittery liners before! Never tried these ones but I might now! :)


mizzworthy said...

I agree - totally love these liners - the Le Freak shade can stain a little on the skin though. They are possibly the best glitter liners out there at the mo!

Anonymous said...
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Rebecca said...

I adore these so much. By far the best glitter liner I've ever tried and I've got SO many! I like how the liner is also coloured, not just the glitter.

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