Friday, 29 January 2010

Imats 2010: 3 reasons why you'd better off not going…


You would have needed to have your twitter off for the past 6 months not to have heard about IMATS. For any potential non makeup addicts who could be reading this, IMATS is a big big big annual makeup fair taking place in London this week end. As I spend an insane amount of time playing around with makeup and talking to beauty bloggers, makeup artists of all ages, abilities and walk of life and tweeting with them like I know what I am talking about, it feels like the whole world is going to be at London this week end, going to a fabulous party I am going to miss out on, or is it really that fabulous?

Here are 3 reasons why you’d better off not going:

1. Money: You'll be spending too much of it and this is why.
Whether you're fortunate to live close enough to the venue, chances are you're going to spend the money saved in that area in another big area: the getting geared to it. Everybody there will be looking so gorgeous. After all all the people located under that roof share the same passion: makeup, looking gorgeous and feeling happy from it. Are you going to go there and look like a frump? Err…no! Chances are you'll be spending money in beauty related stuff even before going to the event. Oh, don't look at me like that, like you've never had your hair professionally blow dried for the occasion, liar! Because the entry to the event is quite pricy (roughly £35 if you bought it in advance, more if you pay on the door) you'd be wanting to make your trip worth it and spending way too much, and probably going 3 times over your budget. You will probably laugh at how little you thought you were going to spend there.

2. Ruining your diet: Whether you *finally* started seriously your diet this week or bang on the first day in January, a trip to IMATS and expensive London in all areas, and eating out included, is going to shatter all your best efforts so far. In a bid to save money, you'll probably end up at local kebab or something and have the 'oh sod it', it's only once a year’ attitude, . Well Christmas is only once a year, and look where you're at now. Do your clothes fit you as nicely as usual or do you feel more like a strapped sausage? One kebab & it'll take you weeks to get back on track :P

3. You'll end up miserable. Let's face it. You will have probably arranged to meet people there, most probably people you met on internet first, and getting all worked up and nervous at the idea that those people are going to see the real you, away from the flattering flash of the camera. These nerves will disappear maybe 15 minutes after contact with your makeup chums, but then you'd be having such a good time with them, you'll depressed leaving them. No need to stress the direct implication on food and shopping spree to help to brighten your spirits once you’re back home.

Now: if that it's not good reasons enough not to go, I don't know what you need.
You know what? Even after writing those down, I still feel totally gutted I am not going to be there and the exercise did not help me at all...

Whatever you do this week end, enjoy it: kilos can be lost again, pounds can be earned again... It's not a once a year trip to Imats which going to worsen your permanent insecurities.

Have a lovely week end everyone :) xxx


Misstania08 said...

I Agree with spending a lot of money on make up that most most probably you don't really need :-) But i wish i was going , i love to see IMATS one day because everyone talks about it :-)

Bicky said...

LMAO! ;)

Milly said...

Liloo - that post made me laugh! :)

Anonymous said...

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