Thursday, 4 March 2010

Coffret aux Trésors* from 'The Makeup Fairy'

Thank you letter to an unexpected present from 'Makeup Fairy'


As if receiving my swapping makeup products yesterday had not been amazing enough, this happened to me today: Imagine the most amazing beauty blogger in the world one of the beauty bloggers you respect the most in this world (ok, ok... miss cosmetic_candy would be of course of equal recognition) decided out of pure generosity and out of the yel… blue to send you a gorgeous makeup item they would not use, you would be pretty chuffed, wouldn’t you?

Well, imagine you opened the door to a parcel full to the brim of unwanted goodies on top of this item. You’d be pretty much stunned, wouldn’t you? This is me, trying to take it all in and trying to say thank you…


Dear Makeup Fairy,

“Pleased? PLEASED?” I am gobsmacked, moved, happy, flabbergasted (I knew that learning this word would come in handy one day) chuffed, in shock, ecstatic, jubilant, excited, squealing, thrilled, euphoric and feeling ever so special, privileged and absolutely over the blooming moon. I expected a ‘neon sunshine’ in an envelope, instead I got a rainbow of goodies.

I just can't believe it. Got home, door was heavier than usual, saw the parcel.
First impressions: I instantly recognised who it was coming from. Lifted the parcel and thought 'What did Shu Uemura did their jar of eyeliner with? Lead or something? 'Was it a family size pot'? Plunged my hand in what instantly became a bottomless coffret aux trésors* And then started an unstoppable flow of 'oh my god'.


“I hope you don't mind me adding some unwanted acquisitions” wrote the delicate & neat handwriting of ‘Makeup Fairy'. Are you kidding me?. Of course I don't mind: The unloved acquisitions of one fussy beauty and makeup lover/writer are my welcomed treasures!!! :)

Second impressions: Feeling even more and more overwhelmed. Did not know where to put myself. Feeling a wave of warmth coming my way. You're very naughty makeup fairy! This was not part of the deal.

I guess all I've been trying to say for the past 2 hours is thank you so much for your lovely and TOTALLY unexpected parcel!


As promised, expect to see a look featuring Citrine from Shu Uemura but there might well be some other looks showcasing your goodies**(see notes below) that I might want to show you.

A massive thank you from one of your no.1 fans and blog reader. xx


* Coffret aux trésors: French for a ‘mall of treasures’
** I was not sure if I could take pictures of all the other items. I mean, imagine if some of them were purchased in a blogsale run by a family of cats, or offered as a Christmas gift?

P.S Want to know the identity of the ‘makeup fairy’? Click here if you have not already guessed. If this is your first time on her beauty blog, you might just as well unplug the phone for the rest of the evening, because you are going to be busy. Expect a refreshingly funny, witty, sometimes sarcastic style of writing reviewing beauty products with the most amazing photos of products. (and I mean a-ma-zing or my money back) No wonder Urban Decay chose this very person, and just exclusively this person to unveil the limited edition Alice in Wonderland Box of Shadows to the British Beauty Blogging Community!


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