Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Makeup Swapping Fun from across the pond

They say the grass is always greener on the other side. I don't know if it is true but I will always be attracted to get makeup I can't get in England.

Conveniently, my lovely twitter friend ashleigh from across the pond in the United States was dying to sample some makeup products from England, to see if they live up to the glorious tales. So a make up swap had to happen.

DSC063371 69197632

My 'brown box of amazing' landed today and this is what I had been dying to get my hands on for a while.


1. L'oréal Colour Truth H.I.P Liner in 'Eggplant'. This is a gorgeous cream liner in purpley aubergine colour.
2. L'oréal HIP Bright EyeShadow duo, in flamboyant (538)
3. L'oréal HIP Bright EyeShadow duo, in riotous (328
4. 'Browser' from NYC, eyebrow kit in Brunette
5. 4 Pairs of divine & dramatic Red Cherry Lashes in 102.
and 2 copies of a secret item which I also super excited but that I can't reveal for now. It's complicated :)


Excited does not quite describe it, I am bouncing with joy, like a flea in a shaggy dog and can't wait play with my American goodies. Everything arrived safe, how could they not, all wrapped up in a sea of bubble wrap :P Thank you so so so so much Ashleigh for the swap. Your 'folie blanche' made me chuckle but also go all fuzzy. Will you swap again with me? I hope so, cos this has been so much fun!

003My photography skills are very basic. I hope you don’t mind the close up ones below, which I harvested from the web.

300 riotous

So, what other makeup products from America should I get from America next? What products am I seriously missing out on?
Please let me know :) I’m having my eyes on this exclusive limited edition ‘Chowder’ item :P What do you think?



Ashleigh said...

HAHAAHAHAH! Sorry, my cat is not available for swaps but I am SO willing to swap with you again!!! Oh wait, we're already organizing it haha! You're amazing! :)

Maybe someday when I come visit, Chowder can come too ;)

lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

Your cat is gorgeous!!

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