Friday, 19 March 2010

To my tweetie pies: Update from me

Hello my tweetiepies :)

You may have noticed I have not been not much on twitter lately. Things are not great on the job front. My place of work is having to reduce its staff by half and is in the middle of deciding on a new structure and which jobs are going to be be needed within this new structure. Everybody's jobs as they currently stand are going to disappear, and everybody will have to apply for the positions which are going to be made available. In the next months, sometime before June, we are more than likely to receive notification that we are 'going to be put at risk'. This is just basically a letter preparing ourselves for a potential redundancy situation. This is all super complicated, lots of decisions are being taken but the reality is that my job as it stands will disappear and I may or may not be chosen to have another one at my current place of work.

So I have been stressing a bit about all this, this week and not feeling chirpy enough to tweet other than gloomy tweets. All this might be an opportunity to look for another job and relocate in a bigger town as I have been feeling that I've outgrown my very little town. But this means a major upheaval, starting from scratch again: Looking for a job and a place to live simultaneously in a foreign place, on my own.

Individuals might find the prospect to look for a new job challenging but I am finding it very daunting as I have never worked in any other place before. I am already missing the affordability of my current flat and the luxury of not having to share a house with flatmates. I am petrified also at the idea of starting a new job. You know, this feeling of nervousness you presumably have when you start a new job, the first day, and you wonder what it is going to be like, what if the job is too difficult for me bla bla. I never had that either. I started from the bottom, and my current place, I started stuffing envelopes and then moved my way up.  I was not nervous with my first job, because I knew that all I would have to do would be to stuff envelopes :) Anyway, I am just a bit worried about all kinds of stuff. So, you guys keep tweeting while I get a little bit perkier again and flood your timeline as before.

lots of love



Ashleigh said...

Hey, if you ever need to vent about ANYTHING, you know my email address :)

I went through a similar situation in Oct. '08 because I was only vacationing in Florida and decided to just stay instead of come I had a week to find somewhere to live and make sure my job would pay my bills. So I understand how scary it is, but things will always come through and shake themselves out :)


Bangs and a Bun said...

Hey sweetcheeks, just wanted to say I heart you.

I've been there before myself, many times, so I know how hard it is. You'll figure it out. I think you should move to Leeds so you can hang out with me ;-)

If you need to talk, have a little rant/scream.tantrum, let me know and I'll send you my number - seriously.


mizzworthy said...

Aw... so sorry to hear about this lovely - I hope things get better for you soon sweetie xxx

tousledkitten said...

I love you, Liloo monkey. I know that you're strong, intelligent and resourceful. I have no doubt that you will either end up with a better job where you are now or an even better one somewhere else. It would scare me too but try to embrace the opportunities that come with relocation too. A whole new city to explore, new people (who may be less crap). I think it goes without saying that none of us would ever see you without somewhere to stay. x

Nooberella said...

hey you, wondered where you had got to!
so sorry to hear about your job, that sucks =(
really hope it all works out, it may not seem like it now but once one door closes another one always opens, and change is a good thing!
keep you head up beautiful xxx

Pasiphae said...

Oh my sweet Liloo I'm so sorry! I wish I could help somehow but I'm here and you are there. Unless you want to come work in my country! I know the feeling because I have made a lot of "new beginnings" in my life and it's so stressful. I hate it when I'm forced to change the "status quo" that I struggled to create.
I really feel for you and I am here if you ever wish to talk. Skype, telephone...we'll find a way!

A Little About Me... said...

oh my love....i feel for you. i know exactly how stressful you feel at the moment since i felt the same way when i lived in california and found out Dec. 08 that they were going to start laying off people in April '09. I had 4 months to scramble for a new job because i didn't know if i was going to be one to be laid off or not. but i ended up moving to New York a month later, Jan. 09 cuz i didn't want to wait around to find out if i was going to get laid off or not...i couldn't bear the wait.

So, I don't mind if you tweet venting tweets. I just like reading your if u need to vent or talk, i'm always here for you. keep strong. you are so friendly and know how to network all over the world. use that to your advantage. You are always looking out for others, so i know, someone will help return the favor and look out for you when you need it most. Love you always!

Kavey said...

My dear friend, I can understand your nervousness and feeling unsettled about what is happening and what the future will hold.
Just remember that you have many friends to call on, with all kinds of different skills (for example, I'm good at reworkng CVs should you need).
Don't worry just yet, but focus on a) thinking about how to highlight the skills you have in your current job with a view to an application for one of the new roles, should you want it and b) start to think, not panic, just think about what you would like to do and where, should it turn out that you will be leaving the current place.

PurpleRamblings said...

I really hope it all works out for you and in the meantime Twitter is the perfect place to rant about it, rather then keeping it all to yourself. That's what we're here for xxx

Eyelining said...

Hey I'm sorry to hear that you've been put in such an uncertain position :-( You are rght though, try and look at it as a potential oppertunity. It is scary starting a new job but you always find at the end of the first day that you really didn't have anything to be scared of at all! My mum always says "What's for you won't go by you", whatever happens will happen. Best of luck getting it sorted xxx

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