Thursday, 18 March 2010

St Patrick's Day Inspired Makeup

One of my favourite makeup artists on youtube, letzmakeup has been hosting a makeup contest for her birthday based on  St Patrick’s Day. I spent ages wanting to have to have shamrocks on face, thinking what was the best way to do it, as my freehand skills were failing me. After also being unsuccessful at designing my own stencils, I wanted to do a look inspired the lovely black, brown, golden colours of a pint of guinness and this lovely cloud forming when you pour the drink inside a pint. Result nowhere near a pint of guinness.

My third inspiration had to be the one: the Irish flag. I was thrilled to be able to use orange again on my lids, and ended up AGAIN wanting to have orange lips. I have stopped counting the looks where I want to wear orange lipstick.

Thanks to my lovely hairdresser de merde who hacked off my fringe, I am sporting a black hairband. I will probably carry on wearing this for the next month. 

SAM_31668 This is what I used on the eyes:

- 2 greens from 120 palette and 1 green from the ACID sleek makeup palette
- Orange from 120 palette
- Two faced shadow insurance, nyx jumbo pencil in milk
- Brown from Gosh Cosmetics Trio TR2 smokey
- White & Black from Nyx Trio Palette TS01 
- Vanilla from Mac
- 2 pairs of eyelashes (eylure glamour 101 & green ones)
- about 3 random cheapo eyepencils (white, brown, black)

I had to show in the youtube video how I ended up to the finished result but I’ll spare you watching the video. To start off, basically I literally wanted to have the irish flag on my eyelids, but that looked hideous. So I opted for orange on all the lid, but then ended with something very very one dimensional so I tried to add a bit more depht my way.
A little before and (some time) after for you. Although I did muck about with it for ages after that photo.

020  SAM_3054

I never know how to end a post, so, i see you around then, bye xxm oh and happy st patrick’s day if you’re still out celebrating x


Nooberella said...

amazing! looks stunning, well done!
the more i see all these gorgeous eye creations the more i think i MUST invest in that 120 palette....


Leanne said...

Amazing work Liloo! I love it :D You never cease to amaze me!

Anonymous said...

Liloo!! It's beautiful, your layering of lashes... SWOOOON!xxx

PurpleRamblings said...

How long did this take?? It's beautiful. I don't think i've ever worn eyeshadow... i'm sooo lame lol

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