Monday, 26 April 2010

Glam Crystals Galore: The whole collection swatched.



Oh no she didn’t! Yes, she did: another post of Collection 2000 ‘Dazzling Glam Crystal Gel Liners’ Glitter Liners. If you live in the UK, you probably have had those for about 10 years and are bored to death with it. I was directing an American friend of mine on my blog earlier on this week and I was checking the names of the shades, I wanted to die in shame as my swatches were very poor. So, to the risk of boring my British followers, I’d thought I’d do ahead and try to swatch them better.  This post is going to be picture heavy (read: serious overdose) so you might need to put the kettle on while all this is loading.


If my maths are good, there are 14 eyeliners in total in the Glam Crystals range. I own 9 of them, but I went ahead and taken swatches of the 5 I didn’t have to make this post as thorough as possible.
Why do I own so many? Well, I just love them. They add a instant bit of sparkle, and a vibrant pop of colour to your eye makeup. Whenever I wear them, I always get a compliment and whenever someone wears them, my eyes are just drawn to it. I was bit a sceptical before buying my first one as I remember having been let down the much more expensive and much less pigmented Urban Decay Heavy Metal glitter liners. The collection 2000 brush might be a tinge too big and fiddly to use a first, but the great thing is that it offers great colour pay off at first stroke, where I would have needed to apply 3 coats of Urban Decay liner (and wait in between each coat to dry) to see anything happening.

So is it all good? Anything negative at all to say about them? Nearly. The glam crystals are very long lasting, but some colours are too long lasting for their own good and will stain a little on bare skin. The offenders are POW, LE FREAK, SHAKE IT UP.
So here is my little collection:

Part 1



As you can see from the close up pictures, the liners differ in size of glitter. The chunkiest in this little swatch is POW (middle) but its application is the same as the others. The green is called PIZZAZZ, which reminds me of a ‘Christmas Green’ and is not stocked everywhere. There is another green called SPANDEX, which is more of a apple green. I do not own it but I’ve taken a swatch of it from a tester and posted it at the bottom of this post.



Part Deux





Hoping I have not slowed your computer down too much with the overload of pictures, below swatches of the 5 remaining liners. I do not own any of these , but I might be tempted to buy SPANDEX.  I hope you liked this post. I had fun making it :) x




Leanne said...

Great post! I only have a few of these - Retro Chic, Funk and Dancing Queen. I really like that Rock Chic one though!
Thanks for this :) and it didn't take long to load at all by the way!

liloo said...

@leanne thank you very much :) wow, the rock chic one seems to get lots of thumbs up from people! x

Leanne said...

I think it's because we all feel comfortable with a classic black but the sparkle just gives it something extra! Not everyone is brave enough to go for something like Spandex right away :)

Charlie said...

I think I might get rock cick and dig it and maybe vava voom :)

little miss said...

Thanks for those. I'd love to see a fotd with some of them :)

Drroxxette said...

Holy Crap those are gorgeous!!!

liloo said...

@charlie oh my, the 'rock chic' and 'dig it' are popular indeed.

@little miss
It's not very good but i did a quick look with the green one, PIZZAZZ here
and a look with the purple one here:

spittingglitter said...

I still need Va Va Voom, Dig It, Dancing Queen and Funk! VVV is absolutely stunning, thats first on my list. Brilliant pictures again! :) x

JANE. said...

why have I never noticed 'dig it' before!!! thankyou:) I own le freak and love it! They're so cheap:P

Sparklz and Shine said...

Great pics! I do like a post with lots of pics...
I've not seen half of those before, obviously don't live in the right place lol
Pow, spandex and retro chic are calling me right now :)

Zoffe said...

Those look amazing!
And such pretty pictures too :)
They need to start selling those where I live, haha! ;)

Bicky said...

NEED. That is all.

Amanda said...

Ohhh they are lovely!! Spesh Va Va Voom, Hustle, Dancing Queen and .... Ok, all of them!! lol!!

xmisslorix said...

i love these hustle is my favorite I use it nearly every day, you should definately get it if you haven't already x

Robyn said...

How did I miss this post? Great swatches, girl. I can't find Pizazz anywhere these days - I wore it everyday for about 2 years!

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