Monday, 26 April 2010

:: Twitter Giveaway :: Results


I am feeling slightly nauseous. It is 22.30, the day after my twitter giveaway ended and I am about to make 2 random draws with So many of you entered, it’s unbelievable. If my calculations and cross checkings exact, I have received 178 entries. Thank you so much for all you to took the time to enter the giveaway and retweeted about the competition. I’m also fully aware of the assault over other people’s twitter timelines this tweetaway has caused, so I am even more thankful you entered despite that.
So the winners are:
 03 02

which were correspondingly posted by

@crazymakeupgirl and @makeupbykaty

Congratulations girlies, please get in touch and let me know your postal address details and which palette is your favourite (see the original post
here) If you don’t choose the same one, then you might get the one you like the best. If you choose the same one, then I’ll choose one at random for you :) 

So  So so sorry to everyone else who entered and who didn’t win.
This is was a giveaway to mark my 30,000 tweet. I’ll be doing another one when I reach 50,000 tweet, which should be coming about … next month, lol, by the pace of my tweeting. So not long to wait. ^_^
Thank you to everyone again who entered. I really appreciate it x

liloo  xx


Now for the boring details of the giveaway.
Each entry was given a number in the chronological order they arrived (see table 1)
If you want to see your (un)lucky number(s), I have ordered the list of participants by alphabetical order so that you can quickly lookup for your name (see table 2).
{I will delete those lists from the system in a few days}

Before making the draw, I checked the #liloo30K tag feed with all the @mentions received over the duration of the weekend, and I cross checked that feed through hootsuite and tweetdeck. I also cross referenced with the ‘new style’ retweets as displayed on web twitter. Once list of entries was checked, and that I was fairly confident that I didn’t miss any entries out (my apologies if I did), I went to, and let the machine pick 2 numbers for me. Then I went to check if the lucky winners entries were valid (if they are still following me & if they are not a robot).


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