Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Metallics & Makeup Storage on a shoestring

After I played with my Collection 2000 Gold Glam Metallics eyeliner (see my “Queen for a Day” look here) ,  I just could not get over how bright and pigmented it was . So I could not wait to purchase some more. At £2.99 from Superdrug, it was hardly going to break the bank. So I bought  3 more! Recently, and about the same time, I was thrilled to bits to find a tiny little of set of drawers perfect to to store lots of small items, like eyeliners, lipsticks and individual shadows. It looks cheap as chips, but that’s because it *was* cheap: £1 from my local Pound Shop. So I thought I would share it you and swatch my new Glam Metallics side by side. 

002 001

The set of drawers is about the size of a cd case. It looks cheap and tacky but it’s perfect for my needs. I am surprised how quickly I filled the drawers so I went ahead to buy 2 more and definitely looks 100 times better than a multitude of categorised plastic carrier bags in the bedroom.
And here my new little babies: My little collection of ‘Glam Metallics’ eyeliners from Collection 2000. You can see all the shades here on the official collection 2000 website. I got them in 4 shades:
green(grunge), gold(fierce), blue(groupie), and purple(ripped)



They say a picture is a 1000 words: good job, because I am not quite sure to review them other than saying that they are super pigmented, and very long lasting. Here I have applied too thin layers, as I usually apply 2 when I put on my eyelids.


The brush is a bit rubbish, and it would take some practice to get it right. The best is to really take your time with it and try your best to apply as thin as you can: you can always go back on it afterwards and make it thicker to your taste. Or you can apply thick and uneven straight away and say it was totally intended and it's part of the concept of the look :D


I hope you like the pictures: I took them tonight in the park and it was freezing.
The things I do for you, hey? :) So what do you think? Do you fancy them? Are there any other coloured eyeliners you would recommend with a better applicator?


Anonymous said...

Barry M's coloured liquid eyeliners are amazing and sorta indestructable with a sorta pen brush, the same as Rimmel's exaggerate liner which I use both kohl pencils, twisty pencil, and liquid and I adore it <3

liloo said...

@unediblecandy ooo thank you for the suggestions. Never tried barry m liners before x

Amanda said...

Ohhh I have those drawers.. Just dont lift it from the top coz it comes off if you have lots of stuff in it.. lol the top comes off

liloo said...

@amanda thsnks for the warning, not tried that yet. i'll try to resist the temptation now :) x

spittingglitter said...

What a helpful post!! I neeeed some of these, especially the green, gold and purple! Your photos are gorgeous!

My nan gets me something from avon every month, and last month it was a pastel turquoise liquid liner - not mad keen on the colour but it is a nice unusual pastel shade, last for ages and is very pigmented.

Keep going with the fab posts, I love reading your blog :) x

Lipglossiping said...

ysy more posts, look at you beauty blogging!

Lovely swatches, now you've got me wanting to go check 'em out!

liloo said...

@lipglossiping umm, i seriously need to sort my anti spammer filter out, i get all sorts of riff raff commenting. :P
aww thank you so much. you have no idea how this means to me. you are my biggest inspiration. ok, i'll try to have a go at this beauty blogging malarky then. fanks :)

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