Monday, 12 April 2010

::: Mini Testing & Mini Shout out :::



13 April. Day 2 of testing. It has not been 24 hours yet that I've installed 'intensedebate' as a widget on my blog (not as part of a template) but I already feel I need to uninstall it. Everything was fine and dandy last night. 3 very kind guinea pigs (Grace, Ola and BigFashionista) left me comments. They would get notifications when I would reply to them and everything was hunky dory. Alas the 9 comments (their comments and my replies) left through 'intensedebate' had disappeared by mid morning the following day and the widget, along with the 9 comments vanished. Another lovely guinea pig (Sparklz and Shine) tested this morning, never saw the widget loading and left me a comment through the native system of blogger. This is definite no-no for me and I find the widget too unreliable to keep. What a shame, I had high hopes for this little fella. Might try disqus in the future to see if it performs better but for now it's 'bye bye' intense debate.

Thank you to everyone who helped me testing it :) xx liloo

So, I was on Zoffen’s blog today and I noticed she had a cool thing going on her blog. Not a giveway, not a contest, but some snazzy blog system powered by ‘Intense Debate’ which I noticed before but didn’t really pay attention to. For a while now, I have been disappointed with blogger's comments system. I get notifications when my readers are kind enough to leave a comment but they never get one when I reply. So I wanted to install this gadget and see if it would improve the commenting system. It also gives me the opportunity to do a little shout out to Zoffen, who I had to tweet about every time she’s made a new makeup tutorial on YouTube. (


So who is Zoffen? She’s an extremely talented makeup artist, from Denmark who works for Mac. She does makeup tutorials on YouTube and I have discovered her through twitter. The queen of colours, makeup artist Cora aka Vintageortacky on YouTube  tweeted about her and since then I have been hooked.

Anyway, I would really love it if you would comment on this post in order for me and you to test this new ‘ intense debate’ gadget thing I have installed on my blog. Any feedback would be much appreciated. If the page takes for ever to load, if you hate it, if it crashed when you tried to comment, please let me know. Thank you very much x I leave you with a photo from her look/tutorial zoffen recreated from Lady in the Telephone Jail Scene.



Sparklz and Shine said...

Only the standard blogger comment form here at the moment....

I love her blog too, found it through Sugarpill!

liloo said...

@sparklzandshine ooo, this is interesting to know, and I think this snazzy little thing might not be not accessible to all browsers, which is a real pain. As a general rule, I am against installing something which requires the latest browser or something. Can you tell me which browser you are using as a matter of curiosity? Thank you very much for commenting and testing it for me x

Sparklz and Shine said...

I saw on twitter tha you gave up on it. But the answer is IE8

I had problems actually loading a couple of blogs when they installed intense debate (Fresco Phyrra and Fashioned in Finland)IE would say it couldn't open the page - both are fine now. Others like Silhouette Screams I've had no problems with. But it's a well bizarre thing that it just vanished for you. I'd been thinking of trying it too....

spittingglitter said...

Hello! I think I can comment now.....testing testing 123!

Fintia said...

Hi! I found your blog today and I'm a follower now!
I am also a fan of Zoffen, she is so creative and her use of color is amazing ;D

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