Sunday, 30 May 2010

Alli – The Experiment

Ever since I saw the diet tablets ‘ALLI’ in the shelves of my local Boots, I became fascinated by the product and wanted to try it. I don’t know if it’s the colours of the actual lettering (Research says that products using the 4 colours of blue, yellow, red and green – ever noticed the colour theme of eBay and google? – tend to grab more attention than any other colour scheme) but I was drawn to it, and been obsessed with it  ever since.


If you’ve never heard of it, ALLI ( containing orlistat) is a diet tablet which claims to “block some of the fat that you eat, keeping it from being absorbed by your body and helps you to lose weight. ALLI is exciting news for adults who are overweight with a BMI of 28 or over, want to lose weight and who understand the importance of sensible eating when they’re trying to lose weight.

This ‘diet aid’ is strictly reserved for people with a BMI of 28 and over and this is where it becomes controversial: My BMI is lower than that and there is no chance I could have got my hands on this, as basically, I am not fat enough to have the right to take it. The problem is that because it’s forbidden, it has become more attractive to me, a bit like smoking and drinking alcohol for a underage teen. I wanted to try it because it was bad.

I managed to get some by some devious but legal way (I paid for it and didn't stalk on any individual outside the shop to buy it for me) but I won’t be able to reveal where I got it as buying over the internet is a dangerous business, and I would not like you to get into trouble. Anyway, I bought it, I am going to start tomorrow, and I wanted to share my experiment.

The way it works is that it stops some of the fat you eat from being absorbed. In short,If you eat too much fat (any fat, whether it’s good fat or not) well the drug cannot deal with that, and you are in deep doo doo, literally! Put it bluntly, if you eat too much fat at once, and overall during the day, it will automatically cause severe diarrhea of the worst kind, coupled with crippling howling painful stomach aches and oily leakages from your bottom, when you’re least expect it, in the car, white trousers or not. To say that I am pooping myself trying this is an understatement.

Why am I subjecting myself to this? Because I am fascinated by it and want to try it. My lovely friends on twitter have tried their utmost to warn me, and discourage for my own benefit to try it, alas I am stubborn. I am so scared of the undesirable effects that I feel it might work on me psychologically and keep me on my toes, to prevent from bingeing so much. If anything, I am too proud to have to say that I was wrong, and really would like this experiment to be a success. *cough* Aaa the things I do for scientific purposes, huh?

Jokes aside, I realise this is highly controversial. You are more than welcome to comment as usual, if you wish. Most probably I will have realised my mistake in a few days – if not before – but it’s something I want to do. I hope I am here to tell the tale lol.
Thank you for reading.


Jenni said...

No more *cough*ing for you missy! =-) lol

liloo said...

@jenni hahaha. crap (pun intended) i need to remember that lol x

Anonymous said...

That is so fascinating about ebay and googles color schemes! I also heard that red yellow and orange when combined make you feel hungry, hence Mcdonalds color choices :) anyway be careful with this and let us know how it goes!

liloo said...

@ariel will do! thanks xx
omg, seriously? never knew that about yellow, orange and red! the bastards, lol! :D

Jo said...

Oh god... what if you shit yourself in public Liloo?? Haha. Jokes aside though, I am intrigued. Looking forward to see how you get on.


Eyelining said...

Whilst of course it is your body and your life please remember that this is a drug. It is designed to be taken under supervision of a pharmacist. Please please if you experience any side effects go and see them!
Hope you don't have any "accidents" :p and please look after yourself whilst taking these! xx

Rhamnousia said...

I remember seeing a feature about this on Watchdog the other week, you can't go into Boots and buy it if you're too young or too thin but if you go online and buy it and enter your real age and weight, they have no problem dispatching it to you which is a bit strange..

liloo said...

@eyelining @jo thanks, am so scared of those accidents aaaaaaa. not eaten anything yet. i am actually scared of eating lol
@rhamnousia ooo watchdog: must google/youtube to watch their coverage of alli. really weird that you can do that on internet, in england, while it's so strict in shops.

Sarah said...

Fascinating about the colour-scheme information!

I echo the above commenters in asking you to be careful in doing this. I am above 28 BMI-wise, and there's no way I'd try this stuff, it just sounds awful to me! I hope your results can surprise me :)

PhreakPhantasia said...

I think it's kind of funny that here in the US, anyone can buy Alli. My tiny 4'10" mother who can't weigh more than 110 pounds bought some a few years ago.

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