Saturday, 29 May 2010

Amethyst Lipstick from Sleek Makeup

I am definitely more of an eyeshadow person rather than a lips person but I must confess that when I chose the lipstick in Amethyst, from Sleek Makeup for my MUA Look #2, I really felt it was complementing the look. And the fact that it cost me only £3.69 was just the cherry on the cake. It’s a gorgeous shade of pink with blue-ish violet reflects in it.



Alas, I experienced some bleeding from applying the lipstick but this is most definitely because I have so much to learn about lipsticks and about what causes bleeding. I did put a heavy dollop of clear gloss everywhere on it, and no lipliner which surely didnt help. The colour is simply is divine (it reminded me of purple potion nail varnish by Sally Hansen) and I really want to try to make it work for me. You can see the rest of the look, in my previous post here, using MUA eyeshadows.



liloo said...

love it :)
Never test sleek lipstick, but definatly try it coz of the price he!he!

May said...

Gorgeous shade, looks lovely on you!


Misstania08 said...

Wow Love that Color :-) Gorgeous on you babe !:-)

Nooberella said...

wow i could never pull purple off on my super skinny lips but it looks hot on you! xxx

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