Monday, 10 May 2010

My first love

When little girls dreamt of being air hostesses, fashion designer or vets, my wildest dream when I was younger was to become fluent in English. My first love before anything else was the English language and even before being learning it officially in school, I had already asked people around me to teach me words. Exposure to the English language being obviously being very limited being born and living in France, I used to give myself extra homework and make up my own lists of vocabulary to learn because I thought 3 hours of English at school was not enough. All foreign films would be dubbed in French but the very rare times they would be shown in original version, i would embrace the opportunity with both hands and watch the film with a pen and paper to write down words and expressions which caught my attention.

At bath time, I would look out for bottle of shampoos and shower gels, with the list of ingredients translated in English and would read them out. When I came to live to England, my little habits carried on, but this time, I would read out loud stuff in the bath to practise my spoken English. One thing led to another, I ended up knowing by heart the ingredients and mode of use of Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner, the “Luscious Long” 'flavour' and the “Miracle Moist”. Not only I loved washing my hair with those shampoos but I really developed a soft spot for those in particular as the whole English of it was so different from anything I'd 'studied' in the bath before: humorous, light hearted and very friendly, yet not as 'childish' as Innocent Smoothies or as slightly adult orientated as Herbal Essences hair care range
So when Aussie Shampoos contacted me, after they've seen my very young blog to invite me to become an Aussie Angel, I was just over the moon.
'Would you like to be An Aussie Angel?” They asked me.
"Hell yeah”, I replied. “I am sooooo into your shampoos, I could recite the whole description of a bottle, on the spot”, I added.

What does it mean in practice to be an Aussie Angel: Well, I'm not quite sure as this is all new but from what I gather, I am part of a little network of beauty bloggers and I get invited to Aussie Bloggers' events when there are some.

One of my first 'assignments' was to choose which tribe I wanted to be in, as in choosing which shampoo I liked the best. Tough to choose at first between The Miracle Moist and the Luscious Long, but then the answer struck me as being obvious and I thought 'my hair had gone a long way for me, so it's normal to repay it' :) I told you I knew it by heart! So this my badge :)

Makeup being a hobby of mine, I wanted to create a look for the occasion and dedicate it to the lovely team at Aussie. Thank you for inviting me, and for my welcome pack.
I am super stoked!


What did I learn from doing this makeup? Well, always shave your armpits, ‘cos you never know... ;)



May said...

Great photos sweets! (all makes sense now about the painting your under arms chatter on Twitter! I was so confused! Haha!)

xxx said...

So cutteeeeee

Ally said...

Love! It must have taken forever with all the brown paint. As usual, it turned out great. Congrats on being asking to be an Aussie Angel.

Amanda said...

Awe how adorable!! Shame we don't have that brand shampoo here, least not to my knowledge. How ironic!!I hope you win the contest!! xx

liloo said...

Thx for sharing your experience xoxo
I love this kind of makeup, you've done great ;)
Hope you'll post other makeups.

spittingglitter said...

The finish on your skin is smooth! What products did you use in the end? x

Charlie said...

You really are amazing. I hate Aussie with a passion but you are amazing!

Happy1234 said...

This is great :)

tousledkitten said...

I fricking love Aussie. Kangaroo Paw flower smells soooo goood. I love their original leave-in conditioner too, it is heaven in a bottle. I recently managed to get hold of the Smooth shampoo but I can't find the Smooth conditioner anywhere. My minor OCD dictates that I am not allowed to use the shampoo without the conditioner!

liloo said...

@may @cosmetic_candy @amanda @spittingglitter @happy1234 @tousledkitten
Thank you so much guys!! :)

@charlie thank you. lol. your honest comment made me laugh xx

Anonymous said...

Ah now the brown armpits make sense!

Come on, what girl doesn't love the Aussie range? Their stuff smells divine.

(Whenever my ex-partner smells Aussie miracle moist it always reminds him of me =) aaah how sweet)

Talei said...

Congrats! And you look fabulous!
Aussie is delicious. :D

Nooberella said...

you look delicious, like your made from milka chocolate =D


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