Wednesday, 28 April 2010

O to the M to the Gee

So what did you do today?
Me? Not much, went to work, filled up my bottle of water on arrival, my colleague had her morning poo at 10.30am, went to get the post, I won the YouTube sharksbiteoflife ocean makeup contest… not much really.
The brief was to create a makeup look based of a creature from the ocean, and I chose this little fish for the inspiration of my ‘wearable category' entry (the 2 others categories were mythical and creative).





Like things could not get any better, I had the honour to share the winning podium with my best friend joannadelilah for the creative category. I watched the tutorial on she created her look, but I have not gone over it how wicked it is. If you like her video, just double click on the video embedded here, it will lead you directly on the youtube page where the original video is located and you can leave her a message there if you wish.

Jo: I know you’re not into blogs and stuff, but if you are reading this by any chance, I am shaking my encouragement giant  foamy thumb like I’ve never done before and still wearing your t-shirt. You are the best and I love you and that is all ^_^

Thank you so much sharksbiteoflife for the contest. Absolutely thrilled is an understatement about how happy I am. Finally, for the lulz I’d like to thank flickr for its resources of fishy pictures, baptiste shampoo, and my good old camera samsung which does a bloody good job at making me look decent.


Leanne said...

Congrats, talented lady :)

liloo said...

@leanne thank you so much!! xxxx

Charlie said...

Well done! It's a brilliant look!

Sparklz and Shine said...

Hey, well done you!!

Jen said...

Well done! Very well deserved xx

liloo said...

@charlie @sparklsandshine @jen thank you so much girlies! xx

Miss Diamond Pearl said...

Yay! Congrats on winning honey! Well done, and such a beautiful look too! Happy for you, and Jo of course! ;) xxx

Ashleigh said...

Hey! Hey you! Congrats on winning the contest :) you deserved it! That look was GORGEOUS!

A Little About Me... said...

OMG! Congratulations on winning and your best friend's entry is jaw dropping. I would've missed this wonderful entry if this wasn't for you posting this on your blog. I need to show this to my friends too. They would love it.

liloo said...

Coucou Liloo,

c'est Liloo aussi ^^
Je viens de découvrir ton blog qui est très sympa.
Au plaisir de te relire.

spittingglitter said...

I didn't even know that you 2 had won this contest! WOW! Never have winners been more deserving!! :) xx

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