Sunday, 16 May 2010


I've been asked many times how to pronounce my name.
This should help un petit peu.
Bisous xx

Didn't catch that? I remixed it on youtube


Leanne said...

Oh my god I think you might just be the CUTEST DAMN THING EVER.
I want to take you home and put you on my shelf!

Misstania08 said...

Oh i love this clip :-) Love your sweet voice liloo ! Hope You are having a wonderful weekend xoxo

Musicalhouses said...

OMG THAT IS SO CUTE!!! Love it! You are beyond adorable :)

liloo said...

Thx for this video, you are sooo cute xoxo

lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

Trop mimi ;)
You got an award from me!


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