Saturday, 22 May 2010

Neon Bargain

Deliriously excited when I saw this little neon palette does not quite describe it. When I thought my day could not get better (was given a second hand iphone for free, and received some awesome giveaway prizes in the post today) I stumbled on this little NEON EYES palette in TJ Hughes. If you know me, even only un petit peu, you would know I like my bright colours, so I just could not resist and at £1.99, why would I even try to resist?

 neon3 neon2

The neon eyes  palette comes  in 3 colours (same colours inside but different colour for the case) but it struck me as obvious to go for the pink one. The stand where it was displayed was bit of dusty mess, as per usual with such a bargain shop but I was super lucky as there were still lots of palettes totally fresh and never opened. I wonder whether they had just arrived? They also had 1 or 2 other more neutral palettes (Zzzzz) and I totally ignored them.


It feels very sturdy,  has a mirror inside, and was designed with a young audience in mind: with smiley faces on the shadows, and when you close the palette, you can see the eyes kinda winking at you, peeking through the transparent part of the case. It's very cutesy and might put off your average adult.


So, how does this £1.99 palette fare then? (I am hoping I am using the word 'fare' in the right context, it;s the first time I'm using it lol) Let's jump right into it and say that this will never replace my SleekMakeup acid palette which is my favourite sleek palette of all time but it's a lovely little addition. Considering this is a matte palette, (that I've found with lots of matte shades in general, that the colour pay off is disappointing and chalky) this is pretty impressive. I found the shadows very soft, and they are NOT  fragile like the 120 palette or the sleek makeup palettes, who crumble at the sight of a fingernail. After you swatch them, they wont leave either that waxy sheen that some cheap shadows (boots no.7, mua etc) leave. You will need to layer these over a white base (I used Nyx jumbo pencil in milk) apply the eyeshadow colour generously, and you can obtain these swatches:



I cannot believe this was just only £1.99. I would have preferred a more neon shade of orange rather than a orangey red) and the green is a miss for me (the less pigmented of all shades) but I am still over the moon and cannot wait to play with it. I would totally recommend this palette for makeup lovers of all ages on a budget or people who need neon colours for a particular occasion, and who can't justify spending lots of money for shades they're not going to reach out very often.
Do you like your neons?


Eyelining said...

Wow that looks amazing!! I love neons. They look scary in the pan but are suprisingly wearable. Wish there was a TJ hughes near me! xxx

liloo said...

Pretty nice, love it!
Good price for good stuff!
It seems to be really pigmented!
Thx for sharing

liloo said...

@eyelining thanks :) i have looked to see if they have a tj hughes online, they do have a website and they're not selling that xx

liloo said...

@l'autre liloo yes, i was quite surprised myself!

tousledkitten said...

Those are slightly creepy lol. :-)

liloo said...

@tousledkitty nah, they're harmless really haha xx

Sarah said...

I love TJ Hughes. There is one near my parents' house and I always do a little detour there whenever I visit. You're right about people opening everything though. So much ruined stock! They need to learn to sellotape everything closed and provide proper testers.

Palette looks like fun - do us an FOTD!

liloo said...

@sarah Oh my, I could not agree more. All it takes is to have it properly sealed. and I am used to the dust business (i am convinced my shop is the dustier TJ hughes in the whole world) but the mess of ruined makeup is a crying shame. Yes, I am planning to do a fotd. Definitely. Not going to be this week though as super busy in a sea of 589645632122 other posts, but i am so excited about this little fella, it wont take too long either xx

Fintia said...

I gave you a blog award!

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