Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Crush on Bellbottom Blues - My Face Cosmetics

I actually never really paid attention to the ‘MyFace Cosmetics’ stand at Boots as I have always been put off the price but this time, my eyes got caught by a little gem from their ‘Bling Tone’  eyeshadows.


Meet the stunning ‘BellBottom Blues’ an ultra shimmery blue eyeshadow.  I keep on wanting to call it 'belly button blue'. Now for the not so shimmery news about it: It costs £9.78. I mean I know it’s a revolutionary formula, packed with crushed pearls, but £10 for a shadow. What’s so special about it?


I resisted long and hard and left the shop with a swatch which I kept on looking at for the rest of the day. I still fancy buying a lot, but I don’t think I should. Or should I?  Do you own of these high bling shadows (or maybe some other item from the brand? Are they worth it?



liloo said...

Liloo tu es une vraie tentatrice loool.
Merci pour cette review.
Lots of love

Thom_cat said...

If I was gonna spend £10 on an eyeshadow, I'd have to spend it at MAC. Then you know for certain that you're getting quality. They have several similar colours at MAC my love xx

liloo said...

@liloo (the other one, lol) hehe, tu auras une longue liste quand tu viendras faire du shopping a Londres! Tu as recu ton truc par la poste, au fait? Je l'ai envoye Vendredi dernier. Je suis pas sure de combien de temps ca prend. x

@thom_cat this was exactly why I was thinking the same. I am proud to have resisted this time x

Fintia said...

Such a pretty color ;-)

liloo said...

Non ma doudou je ne l'ai pas encore reçu, mais je ne m'en fait pas, ça met toujours du temps ;)

Le truc c'est qu'à chaque fois que je viens à Londres, je ne pense pas systématiquement à prendre du temps chez boots et compagnie, du coup je reviens avec plus de nourriture que de makeup XD


maki said...

hmm.. it is pretty! but why not hold out & wait for a sale! :)

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