Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Who needs Mac Carbon & Gesso?

Ever since, I got into makeup, I have been wanting to buy Mac Carbon, acclaimed to be the blackest black eyeshadow around and Mac Gesso. I resisted long and hard and instead, I went on buying endless black shadows and being disappointed all the time. If only I had opted for Mac in the first place, it would have been cheaper for me in the long run. But somehow, I couldn’t justify spending £11 in a boring black and white shadow, however crucial those shadows are. So I gave it one last shot, before making the Mac plunge and purchased this Nyx Eyeshadow Trio in white/gray/black (TS01) from eBay.


The palette comes in a black elegant and sturdy case and is about 9 cm in length (that’s about 3 inches and a half for your with the imperial system) and a mirror, and the obligatory sponge applicator. One swatch of the black and I knew I had made the right choice: super pigmented and most definitely the blackest matte I have ever swatched: smooth, velvety, black. What more could anyone want?

Is it deeper and blacker than Mac Carbon? I got no idea. Carbon was just a myth and I actually never swatched it. I don’t even want to buy it anymore and I fully satisfied with this one and I am at rest.


These are swatched straight onto the skin with no primer and I am in love with the black.
The white is good, much better than some of the matte white I have in my collection but I find it a bit chalky. As a matter of fact, I find all my matte whites chalky, so no surprises there. I don’t even know if Mac Gesso is whiter but I don’t fancy it anymore. I reckon if I use a white base, it will perfom well. I found the grey very good and not too shimmery. I am not sure when I am not going to use it, but for £2.94 (without postage and packing, which amounted to £2 proportionally? – I placed a big £40 order)  for this palette from ebay, new, this is by far the best buy of the year for me.


I use white and black nearly everytime in my looks, and this palette is super handy. The size makes it also handy for carrying around, and it has become one of my must haves.  I am thrilled. *Woop* In the same order, I bought some other gems from NYX, so keep your eyes peeled, I have only just started :)


liloo said...

You're right! I only hear good things concerning this NYX palette and this black! When I think about the price, I just wanna laugh!
Thx for sharing ;)

Jo said...

I really really love NYX Trios. I bought one not long ago and I adore it. I depotted the shades to go in my MAC palette and I use the 3 NYX shadows more than I use my MAC shadows.

Speaking of Gesso, I *had* Gesso, but smashed it while depotting it, sad times :( I never even actually got to use it properly.


Jo said...

Haha... me again, I thought you commented on your own post, like you was someone else. I was like "think my lil Liloo is losing the plot" but its a different Liloo... how cool is that! 2 of you!


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha I thought the exact same thing as Jo in the above comment! That is so funny :) the black eyeshadow looks super pigmented, I've heard carbon's pigmentation isn't all that amazing anyway!!

Fintia said...

NYX Shadows are great! I own 4 of them. There is one that come with that white shadow ;-)

Anonymous said...

I bought the NYX Jamaica quint palette a few months ago and it has become a travel staple - ivory & peach shimmer, mid-grey shimmer, a matte black & a charcoal that I can use lightly on my brows means that it covers everything I need for night & day, work and play.

I rarely reach for it at home but never regret taking it on my frequent business trips.

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