Thursday, 10 June 2010

Golden Rusty Walnuts from Nyx

I'm not sure whether this is because we can't easily get them in England but I've always been attracted by Nyx eyeshadows. One day, I discovered this post from lipglossiping and fell in love with 'golden' and 'rust' individual shadows from Nyx. So when I stumbled on UK based beauty blog sale (thank you bickyyy!) selling a nyx trio eyeshadow set (TS12), having both those colours in, I just had to buy it: too gorgeous for words, and too brilliant an opportunity.


I've used the golden many times but done yet a look using all the 3 colours at the same time. In the meantime, here are some swatches. I am very impressed by the pigmentation and these are swatches without any kind of primer.
From left to right: golden, rust and walnut bronze.


They are soft and very easy to blend. It's actually this little palette which led to many more purchases from nyx.



Thom_cat said...

OH I love this! Great for autumn / christmas looks

Bicky said...

I'm glad you like missus. :D

I'm actually getting into golds a bit more now. I delib bought a Urban Decay gold because I knew I'd use it as 1, it cost a fair amount and 2, I love UD Shadows. It's a sort of dirty looking gold but it's lush.

Hope you do a look soon! :D

Fintia said...

I have this trio! Actually, it's been a while since I used it. I gotta give it some love ;-)

liloo said...

love those colors :)
Hope you'll do a look with it pretty soon ;)
Lots of love

Looli ( euhhhhh... Liloo XD)

missy_ellie_uk said...

These colours look gorgeous. I have a few NYX single eyeshadows, mostly purples, and they're great! Wish we could get them easily in the UK. x

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