Saturday, 12 June 2010

Quick and Easy 'Football' Inspired Eye Makeup

Do I even need to introduce the context? The Football World Cup has started and I wanted to do have fun and do some makeup this time, instead of just wearing a French top. So what happens when your French football t-shirt has shrunk in the wash and you only have 15 minutes to do a makeup to support your team? You wear a plain white t-shirt and you do this makeup…


I used mainly plain matte colours:  1 white, 2 blue, and 1 red with some dark purple to darken the crease of both the blue and the red eye. Looking at it now, it looks like the purple had some shimmer in it. Oops. Oh and no time to do anything with the lashline.


I got the red from the 88 ebay matte palette and the blue from my W7 neon palette. The white is from my trusted nyx trio palette, which is always knocking about. I then used some vanilla from mac to do some quick blending. I didn't even have to do blush or anything. Oh and some false lashes for good measure of course. I am amazed they did not blow in the wind, as the application was super rushed.


Tomorrow, (well later on today) I got to do a England Inspired Makeup Look. Any ideas girlies?  ^_^


liloo said...

yeah such great look ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome =) xoxoxox

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