Sunday, 17 October 2010

Accessorize Truffle NOTD

If there is one thing I have been obsessed with lately is the release of the Accessorize Makeup Line. When the collection was released online, I was excited but I couldn’t wait to see the products for real, hold them in my hand, have a little swatch, a little snif and see what I fancy buying.

I was told by the shop assistant in the big Accessorize from the Arndale Shopping Centre (Manchester)  that the whole makeup line would only be sold in Superdrug, and that they would not sell it in actual Accessorize or Monsoon shops, for a reason they couldn’t explain to me. So you can imagine my surprise when I bumped into some accessorize nail polishes today when I was checking out their Halloween section. Pff, conflicting information much!

There there were staring me, a tiny little sample of the nail polishes collection. My eyes first noticed the Aztec and Bronze but I settled for a boring brown one and went and buy ‘Truffle’ (not love truffle as I incorrectly named it yesterday)  First thing which I noticed is how the bottle looks similar to the nails inc bottle with the same budget looking cap on. Both bottles incidentally contain 10 ml of product but the accessorize bottle is much smaller and I am not quite sure how they fitted 10 ml of product in a bottle which looks to have the same diameter as the nails inc one.


So how did the application go? It’s all right. It’s not your dream application of Barry M, but it’s not a nightmare like this tiny bottle of trouble from Max Factor I purchased last week end (dear me!!) The formula is all right, I would have preferred it to be a little thicker and you would definitely need 2 thick coats, even 3 to have full opaque coverage. 


The brush feels a bit short in the hand, but you forget than the bottle is tiny after all. For the £4 price, I think it’s a decent nail polish. The beginner in me is thrilled to have managed to apply it with not too much effort (Elf smoky brown, your time is up next, and it’s not going to sound pretty!!!!) and I can’t wait to buy a few more shades. Now, if they had a 3 for £10 offer, this would make my purse happy :)


and now for pictures without flash, outdoor.
Stay till the end as I did a little experiment on the last picture :) Thank you for reading xx



and for the final picture, I added a layer of Nails Inc. Glasgow on the finger which is just next to the little one (you’ll know what I mean when you look at the picture) which is a gorgeous gorgeous sheer white with pink iridescence. Super hard to photograph, but hopefully you should get the idea.


Grace London said...

Lovely nail polish, really pretty neutral.

How completely mad that someone from Accessorize told you it wouldn't be sold in Accessorize though - that makes no sense!

Jo said...

Oooo I really like that! You have such gorgeous nails too *jealous*

I stayed to the end aswel :D love the effect that polish has on top of another polish.


Anonymous said...

Stop making me JEALOUS!

(Might have to pop down and check our accessorize now, just in case).


Leanne said...

That looks lovely with the Glasgow on top! The one next to your little finger is the ring finger, by the way ;P
Ooh I didn't know it wasn't supposed to be in Accessorize stores, I was excited as I'll be passing a store tomorrow, then I read you saying they said it wouldn't be in there and I got sad... then I read the next sentence and got happy again! If that makes any sense whatsoever, lol.
Fingers crossed they have a few bits in the store I go to tomorrow!

TheBristolBeautyBlog said...

Such a beautiful colour. I'm really looking forward to checking out this range in Superdug or Accessorize - I don't know where to go! x

Ms. Wedgie said...

Gorgeous colour!! Can't wait to see a big huge stand of this new range! Fingers crossed they'll be some kind of great introductory offer 1 get 3 free! :)

Daisy said...

Pretty colour!

liloo said...

@grace it makes no sense at all. I agree

@jo thank you for staying till the end haha :) bless you

@drew692 get your booty down there and buy some stuff, i want to see your swatches

@leanne i shall write this down: ring finger ^_^

@thebristolbeauty go everywhere haha

@wedgiemadam lol, buy 1 get 3 free!

@daisy thank you xx

Anonymous said...

That colour actually looks really nice! Ooh i wouldn't mind trying some of their nail polishes now :) x

liloo said...

@neekee yeah :) let me know when you've bought one and link me to your post please :)

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