Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Miscellaneous Mannequin Manicure (NOTD)

I was so impressed by the Splash Missfit nail polish, which came out as a freebie in the Cosmopolitan magazine this month that I wanted to check out another shade to see how it performed. So I bought another magazine (£3.50) just to have the chance to test trial another nail polish from Splash and chose to buy their nude shade called ‘Miscellaneous’.

My first impressions? The word is Miscellaneous is super difficult to write and pronounce, the nude mannequin trend is definitely not me, but oh my goodness the formula yet again was a dream to apply. Just the right amount of thickness, and totally opaque in 2 coats. (n.b please excuse the nail of my index finger, it has a mind of its own and just flops for no reason, making the nail looking all pointy)


If you like this kind of colour, get your hands quick on this polish before the magazine runs out, you won’t be disappointed: great formula, great finish. I’ve got 2 magazines to read now, but my trial run was a success and I can’t wait for Splash (Missguided) to come out with other shades as the 6 shades from the website are not for me (too cremy) Great value for a £5 polish. Very impressed.





Charlie said...

Ooh. I like this :) I'll have to try and find it.

Olivia said...

Those are the most beautifully painted nails I've ever seen! you are very talented lady Liloo x

Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Ohh beautiful color!! :) Such a neat painting you've done, you're really good!! I'm so messy! lol

Natty said...

I love this!! This is my fav colour!! Follow my blog


liloo said...

@charlie @olivia @stravoula @natty thank you so much :) xx

PurpleRamblings said...

Love this colour and have tried it, but sadly it didn't suit my skin tone :-(

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