Monday, 25 October 2010

Hopi Halloween everyone :) - My first OPI NOTD

Words are just buzzing in my head. I feel I am unable to organise my thoughts. I am deeply moved and without the shadow of doubt I am wearing the most gorgeous nail polish which has ever been created. Introducing the red mini polish from Opi part of the get-in-spider-ed mini set from years ago which landed on my doorstep, as a sumptuous Halloween gift from my sweet sweet @drew692 aka debbie harris aka beauty begins.


If you think I am usually posting way too many pictures of my nails whenever I do a notd, you're in a for a shock  because I am finding it hard to narrow my selection ever more than usual.
In one word (or thereabout) possibly THE most gorgeous nail polish which has ever graced my nails and I am not saying this because this is a present from my blog BFF. I have never tried an OPI nail polish. (I find the bottle a bit too big, heavy and in your face) I knew it was good stuff but good grief I didn't know it  was this good. If I thought barry m polishes applied like a dream, it was until I applied this red (almost one coat) wonder).


You could almost apply it with your feet it's that easy: it just glides and just wants to apply by itself within the parameters. My application is not tip top by no means but for my standards, it's pretty chuffing good. Here it is, with 2 coats on and with no clean up whatsoever (I know I am still applying it like 2 miles away from edges)



Also part of this set, a gorgeous black polish which dries to a lovely glossy finish. You will need 3 coats with this colour but the layers dry reasonably quickly. On the ring finger for this manicure, I only applied only one coat of red to give you an idea of the 'pigmentation'. And now photo with the obligatory glow in the dark spider ring.



And last but not least, part of this set, the glow in the dark polish. Application was as easy as applying tippex on your nails with a toothpick and is rather messy but the result makes up for it. If you were to wear this polish out, I would suggest you would apply a coat of nail tip whitener first on the whole surface of the nail, and then a coat of the glow in the dark. Now, taking photos of this was quite err interesting. I am in love with my beautiful gift. Thank you so much drew!  I am in love!




Anonymous said...

BEAUTiful application, plus the red looks GAWgeous against your skin tone. I see someone looking hot and having gorgeous Halloween nails too =)


Catch a Dragonfly said...

Gorgeous nails....
Loving the two colours together!!!
Soooooo DRAMATiC!!

Ms. Wedgie said...

Love that red! It looks gorgeous...I've tried the OPI Nail Envy but bever any of their coloured polishes so I'm still technically an OPI virgin! Next payday I might treat myself! :) Well done for the brave attempt at trying to photograph the UV polish! :)

Charlie said...

you have beautiful nails x

missy_ellie_uk said...

Love the red, you can't go wrong with a shimmery red. And the glow in dark looks great too! x

Lady Gosh said...

Love the black and red nails!!! I'm inspired!!

Fab blog btw, check out mine too if you get a spare 5!

Anita x

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