Friday, 22 October 2010

Statement lips and Beauty Blogging Blonde

When I saw Amanda from Beauty Blogging Blonde recreating a makeup look from the X Factor series 1 week ago, I jumped on the occasion and could not resist the temptation to ask to recreate a look from the series from last Saturday's show. The look which I fell in love was worn by X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson. I am not very keen on Rebecca to be honest, but her makeup is always flawless and this week it just blew me away.


How to achieve this look? Amanda recreated her look and posted a tutorial on her YouTube channel here. The video is also packed to the brim with tips & tricks and shows you what you could do to wear this lip on a night out, how to make it last etc..  Blondes will also love how she recreated her eyebrows and the shade of eyebrow is to die for. There is also never been a better time to discover her blog (Beauty Blogging Blonde) as she’s just launched a lovely blog giveaway, about 2 hours ago. Who knows, if you chat to her on twitter, @millmollmac she might do another X factor look next week? ;) *hint* *hint*


Anonymous said...

What are you doing to me Liloo - another beautiful beauty blogger to follow and grit teeth at the perfect skin! Seriously thanks for the heads up, the video is fab. Jan x

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