Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Max Factor – Cloudy Blue: NOTD

I saw an array of 12 cute mini bottles of Max Factor nail polishes this week end  at Boots (one day, I’m going to count how many blogposts of mine don’t start with this sentence) and I couldn’t resist and I just had to buy one. Originally, I wanted to grab 4 of them, but I thought I’d be sensible, try one, see if I like the formula and maybe get some more. The tiny cute bottles are very affordable and they retail at £3.49.  I’d say they would be perfect for travelling.

I decided to get the Cloudy Blue (shade 18) which promised to be a lovely dark midnight blue with a delicate lighter blue shimmer. I won’t beat around the bush, I was disappointed by this polish. The shimmer was too delicate and in most lighting situations, it felt more like a creme midnight blue verging to black, with not enough shimmer for me. Most of all, it’s the application which I found problematic. 


I am very much a beginner at applying nail polish and this is not a nail polish for beginners. I found the formula a bit too watery and thin for my liking and the first coat was  a right mess. On top of that, I felt a bit stressed out when I was applying  it: the formula dried so fast, you really don’t have much time to muck about that’s for sure.


You’ll see the shimmer more apparent under strong camera flash, but don’t be fooled, as during the day this polish is really dark. I can see this shade and all the others appealing for more skilled nail polishers (the bottles are VERY cute) but it’s not for me. I didn’t feel confident when I was wearing it, I could see that the result application was very uneven and it was bugging me and I didn’t feel pretty in it and it stayed on for about half an day. I wonder how the other shades are like. Have you got any?



Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Oooh, I've found the tiny cute bottles drawing me in too! Not a fan of watery polishes though (most ends up AROUND the nail, as opposed to actually ON it!) You might like the super dark glittery blue MUA nail polish, it's quite nice and only £1 - bargain time!

liloo said...

@beauty's bad habit: oooo, now we are talking. Thank you very much for the tip! :) xx

missy_ellie_uk said...

It's a shame the shimmer doesn't show up well, as this looks really pretty in the flash photo. I always have this problem with dark, inky colours, they just look black on my nails!

Stavroula said...

It looks so pretty in the flash pic!! :)

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