Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My heart is beating for FrontCover Moonlit Metals, Hot Rods and and …

Christmas: a time for sharing, for loving, for giving etc. Yeah yeah yeah Cliff, but sometimes things are just too pretty to be given to people. When I popped down to my local Boots last Saturday and saw the FrontCover Cosmetics Christmas Special  Gifts Sets, there was no room for confusion: my name was all over it and there was no way I could give such an exquisite present to anyone. Let me introduce you to my big crush of the moment: 3 gorgeous eye palettes from FrontCover:   


If you are new to the brand (I am)  the driving force behind FrontCover  is two very smart cosmetic junkies obsessed about colour, shade, pigment, texture and pay off while trying to keeping prices as accessible as possible.

The idea behind each product is that they create a makeup look and give you in-depth step-by-step instructions on the pack to achieve the look displayed on the ‘front cover’ hence the name. Of course you can ignore the instructions and create whatever look you want. Whilst the ‘makeup artist included’ mention might sound a bit corny, each product is packed to the brim with tips & tricks should you wish to follow them. And now for the objects of my desire:

1. Hot Rods Definition
This is a set of 5 metallic khol eye pencils with smudgers on the other end, 1 lemon highlighter pencil, and 1 sharpener (£15). I have very few eye pencils at home. All this because I would waste so much product while sharpening them, until I learnt the trick of storing them for 15 minutes or so in the fridge before sharpening them. So I need this set in my life basically. Plus, if I can’t have the hot rods from Burger King, I can treat myself to these, right?



2. Moonlit Metals
(6 Molten Metallic pigments, 2 Loose Glitter, 1 Shadowbase, 1 double ended applicator. (£16). YUM! This was the first one who caught my eye in the shop and screams sultry evening looks, and/or just plain wild with the loose glitter provided.  I am really curious about the shadowbase they designed for it.

Image18 Moon lit metals


And this is my favourite:
3.  The Very Hot / Very Cool EyeShadow Palette containing 16 pressed shadows, and 2 double ended applicators (£15.
I love the ‘holographic’ (is that the right word?) box. Depending on how you hold it in your hand, you see a different look on the cover. They say “We have put together the latest colour collections , split into 2 layers. Layer 1 shows all the hottest colour combination from the catwalk and layer 2 gives you the ultimate coolest wearable nudes.”


I have not purchased anything from Front Cover Cosmetics yet. Mainly because I’ve found personally the packaging a bit bulky but with these it’s very different. The  “Very Hot, Very Cool” could not be anymore compact if you’ve tried  though (reducing the size would actually mean reducing the size of the shadows) and the sturdy plastic black case looks more convenient for me.To give you an idea of size, the height of the ‘Very Hot, Very Cool’ is about the height of a small bottle of Tabasco. Moonlite Metals and Hot Rods are not too bulky either (they’re both the same size as each other and about about the height of an average glass of wine maybe?)

Shall I be totally shamelessly selfish greedy cow and buy the three for me? This would mean that with the Christmas Gift 2 for 3 offer at Boots, I would get the whole lot at £32, and this would mean only £10.60 per palette and I can get £5 no.7 voucher which I could then buy some more makeup with. To be fair, I didn’t get any Chanel Particuliere polish, Urban Decay New York palette thingy, no Urban Naked palette, I’ve lost nearly 6 pounds in weight the week before, and I’ve given my seat to a grandma in the bus.
Shall I? It’s Christmas only once a year, right?

The small print: The writing of this product came solely by pure greed and no one contacted me to write it. I contacted FrontCover Cosmetics to have nice pictures to be able to share with you my crushes and get your advi… authorisation to go ahead and buy the whole lot.  All products part of the Boots Christmas Gift Sets will be reduced to half price just after Christmas. I shall not be held responsible if there aren’t any left after Christmas :)


Leanne said...

DO IT! Like you said, it's only Christmas once a year and I think you've justified it more than enough! :D

Sparklz and Shine said...

On 3 for 2 they will be about £10 each equivelent, which is fantastic value anyway.....

I want the 2 I haven't got ;-)

Big Fashionista said...

Well now I want them ALL.

I have the Very Hot, Very Cool (review coming soon) And I promise you it is fabulous. The casing is a perfect size and the mirror in it means that it is compact and just right.

If I don't get moonlight metals in my life-i may cry.


Ms. Wedgie said...

If my bloke tells me off for spending yet more money on make up I'm going to show him your blog and say 'it's not my fault...Liloo made me do it!!!' Naughty Liloo making me spend money...I'm too weak to resist pretty sparkly things! lol

The 'Hot Rods', 'Very Hot' and 'Very Cool' are my 3 faves! Where's that Boots catalogue again??? :)

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