Thursday, 25 November 2010

Golden Rush Makeup Look featuring Diva False Eyelashes from Girls with Attitude

*Note: picture heavy and lengthy post*
* Read till the end for the fab offer!!*

I am finding to sit still while writing this post. Words are whirling in my head at the speed of light. I am too excited. If you stumbled on this blog post, chances are you have a strong interest in makeup, and that within the world of makeup itself, that you might have an addiction soft spot for something in particular. Lipglossiping will have a thing for cream eyeshadows, DebbieDrew692 from Beauty Blogg Roll will need to have all the nail polishes in the world, Jo from beautyliciouslove can't get enough of blushes and cosmetic candy just loves errr … everything. My thing, my passion, my addiction is false eyelashes. I have a cupboard full of them and I still don't have enough. Why? I feel like nothing will put the finishing touch to your make up like full, thick, long lashes. If I only had 30 minutes to do my makeup before going out, foundation and lashes will have to be the priority even if I don't have the time for eyeshadows which is another soft spot of mine. Nothing makes me more sexy in an instant than eyelashes and I am really glad I persevered while I was beginning to learn how to apply them.

So, you can imagine how pretty excited I was when I was given the chance to try out and review a pair of false lashes by Girls with Attitude. Pretty routiny for lots of  successful bloggers out there, but for little ‘ol me it's a big thing and I am over the  moon. I  hope you will forgive the avalanche of pictures. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on these babies: The 'Diva' (Dramatic for extreme volume & Effect) False Lashes by Girls with Attitude.

Diva Lashes from Girls with Attitude 3

Diva Lashes from Girls with Attitude 2  
and outside their box

Diva Lashes from Girls with Attitude 1

Diva Lashes from Girls with Attitude 4

You’ll notice straight away that the Diva Lashes are very dramatic and would be more suited for evening wear or party wear. Let’s pop them on, shall we? Straight away, I noticed that the lashes (like 95 % of the lashes I buy) are too long for my small eyes and needed trimming (this is how much I had to trim from each outer corner if you are curious). They feel strong, sturdy, and a bit plasticc-y (but not shiny like these cheap lashes from China on Ebay) but what you lose in ‘day-wear looking’ aspect, you will gain in longevity. I’ve worn false lashes of the same material before and they just last an obscene amount of time.

My lashes are so ridiculously short and straight, I don’t even bother anymore with merging the falsies with my natural lashes. So if you avoid contact with mascara, glitter eyeliner (such a pain to remove) are careful with put your eyeliner on (make sure to wipe out the ‘body’ of the eyeliner wand, so that product doesn't deposit itself on the ends of your lashes and look after carefully after use, these lashes will give you at least 10 wears.

I am very fussy with false lashes. I have tried quite a few brands and models now and I know exactly what I like and what I don’t like. What did I think of them? It was love at first sight and this going straight into my top  false lashes! Unlike everybody I know, I like to apply my false eyelashes before any makeup (I feel I am more able to apply them closer to the natural lashline that way and if I mess up with the application, I don’t mess my eyemakeup while removing them and applying them again) and they looked so good, it felt a bit of a pity to apply eyeshadow as I didn’t want it to steal the show from the drama of the lashes. I found them very easy to apply. If you are a total beginner, I would recommend thinner lashline eyelashes to start with and you will need to spend time to make sure the inner corner is spot on and don’t ping out. 

If I had to assess the level of ease of application of these from 1 to  5 (1 being easy and you don’t even have to trim them or anything and 5 needing a total reshape, trim, tears and 1 hour to apply them) I would say this is a 2-3 of ease because of the sturdy and durable material and the thickness of the lashline. As for the glue,  glue is provided with these lashes, but I like to use my own glue as the tube provided doesn’t have a handy applicator.

I wanted to make a very special eye makeup look for the first time I was going to test, try and wear these lashes but I got very nervous. So I ended up doing my tried and tested ‘Golden Rush’ look. Why the name? Well, this would be the look I would wear on a night out, after failing at an elaborate makeup, realising I only have very little time left to do my makeup, when I am in a rush. It’s therefore nothing special I am afraid but if you want to know, I used mainly 3 colours for this, Max Factor Colour Effects Dip-in eyeshadow in Ibiza Sunset, for the gold (reviewed here) L’OrĂ©al Professionnel Individual Shadow for the Brown (reviewed here) and some black from the first sleek makeup palette which was to hand. 



These lashes retail at £5. If you can’t find them at Boots or Superdrug, you can get them online on the Girls with Attitude website, which offers free postage on all orders and payment with PayPal. More than anything, the brand has a fantastic social presence, always there on twitter to answer questions, entertain and throw competition. They have a facebook too, with massive pictures of all the lashes (and other products) they do.



And and and and guess what? Girls with Attitude have a special offer on at the moment, order more than £10 (again, postage is free as usual) and you can get 25% off your order. Be quick though, as this order finishes on 11 December, You bet I had to make the most of this offer and placed a little order (come and have a look at what I bought here, loads of pics).



Jo said...

Awww I loved my little mention!

Those lashes look amazing on you and so natural. Loving the golden rush look too. You are simply perfection my darling!


Big Fashionista said...

I have never worn false eyelashes in my life. I feel like i am missing out but i am SO scared i would glue my eyelids shut.

I probably would you know, I am good at doing things like that


and your eye make up looks FAB-ulous x

Kaushal - BeautyFulfilled said...

I love Girls with Attitude lashes - can't believe just how light they are! They've become one of my favourites for sure :)

I have a feeling that they're also buy 2 get one free or something like that at Boots a long with their other cosmetics but not sure when or if that's finished?

Kaushal xx

missy_ellie_uk said...

These didn't look all that great in the box - but they look fantastic on you! I haven't tried any of their eyelashes before, definitely will take a look now though. x

Natalya said...

Gorgeous! xxx

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