Thursday, 25 November 2010

Shopping Spree at Girls with Attitude

Absolutely delighted by the DIVA eyelashes by Girls with Attitude (my post here) I couldn’t wait to try other other lashes from the brand. So when Girls with Attitude announced on twitter their special offer (25% off all orders over £10) well, it was a no brainer and it was perfect time to buy some more. I don’t usually do haul videos or blogposts as I find them to be bragging a bit and not as meaningful if they’re not accompanied by a review so this exception to the rule. Besides I am crazy about lashes and I just had to tell you about this offer. I am not by the way affiliated by any way, shape or form with Girls with Attitude. 

So I placed an order for 3 pairs of  lashes. The original amount was £12 but with the reduction I only paid £9 in total, including delivery! All orders placed on the website have free UK postage and they accept payments via Paypal. Finally this offer ends on 11 December.


So , I got a pair of fancy lashes,  crazy lashes and absolutely bonker lashes. We’ll start with the fancy ones, shall we? These are called GLAMOUR. My friend on twitter and blogger Catherine from Perfectly Polished Nails has been raving about them so you bet I just had to give them a go too. 


I love the gradual effect on this to mimic natural lashes. I don’t know if I will find them dramatic enough for my liking (I have zero lashes) and if these lashes are more suited for people who have already some lashes and want to blend their natural ones seamlessly with these babies, but we’ll see and I can’t wait to try them.


Then, we have the STARRY EYED false eyelashes (£3) I chose this from the ‘bargain bucket’ section from the website, well the sale section. I would imagine this model is discontinued. I love the little discs of colours on these but I feel I am going to have to double these lashes with some others to have a fuller lashes look {I love playing with lashes and doubling them up} Incidentally, this packet was soooooo hard to photograph, I kept on seeing my reflection on the mirror case!



And finally (brace yourselves – girls with a sensitive shy nature might want to turn away now) I bought the DRAMATIC COUTURE. These were on sale at £4, instead of the original price of £10. I imagine this is because they have been replaced by a newer version. When am I going to wear this? I haven’t got a clue but fear not, I’ll make sure to photograph them when I wear them! I don’t think these are going to be as nightmarish to put on as the blue feather eyelashes I wore last year (look posted here) but should still score a whopping  5 on the scale of application ease (1 is easy,  5 is difficult) but I do like a challenge and I am stubborn ^_^  So Katie Weasel from the X factor, you think you got the craziest lashes? Bring it on :) haha!




Anonymous said...

I want them AAAALLLLLLLL!!!


Sophie said...

Nice :) cannot wait to see how you use them! x

Ana said...

1. These are gorgeous!

2. I love your blog! MOARPLZ :D !

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