Sunday, 28 November 2010

Poll & Chrismas Party Nails - Elf 'Red Velvet' NOTD

After my huge disappointment with my first nail polish from ELF (I am convinced I got a dodgy bottle) I didn't expect much at all from £1.50 'Red Velvet' Nail polish from Elf, recently released a few months ago. I was pleasantly surprised. The colour and the application is a dream and I can't stop looking at my nails. I love it. Just look at this baby here and look at me in the eyes and tell me it's not gorgeous! Excuse the overdose of pictures, please stay till the end for the poll on elf products and your responses. The following photos show 2 coats of red velvet and 1 coat of seche vite.


I genuinely can't believe how this is only £1.50 and I really want to get some more polishes from elf. I am thinking of moonlight, twinkle and glitter glam, as beautifully swatched by drew692 here.



and now for the obligatory claw pose…


While I was having fun playing with Red Velvet, I was asking myself a question and I wanted to know your opinion about it: If Elf products were to be made available in high street shops, let's say superdrug or boots if you live in the UK, do you think you would buy more products from the range? This is what some of my lovely followers on twitter had to say about it. I hope you can read it. If not, click on the picture to enlarge it.


Talking of internet swatches I wanted to show you the reality of 'red velvet' compared to the swatch on internet. Now I have never been more grateful for the beauty community to share their swatches with the world.


Have you blogged about an elf polish yourself? Feel free to leave me the link to your blog post about it, then I can have a nosy ^_^
What about you? If Elf products were to be made available in high street shops, let's say superdrug or boots if you live in the UK, do you think you would buy more products from the range?


Jen said...

Whilst I understand what Jasmine means, there are brands such as MUA, 2True,natural Collection etc who manage to sell in a store and keep prices low?!

liloo said...

@jen Such a good point! Thank you for this. I would love to see elf in a normal shop.

Makeup Savvy said...

Ohh love this nail polish - so so pretty, can't believe it's only £1.50. You paint your nails so perfectly btw lady!

Actually I can as I have a lovely Ruby Christmass-y red from Asda and it was only £1!

Also really interesting to see the results of your question about ELF makeup - you definitely buy more if it was in Superdrug.

Fee x

Anonymous said...

I had never really thought about online vs instore prices, but it is interesting that most of the makeup companies who do sell instore at low price points (including all the ones Jen just mentioned) are own-brand makes where the retailer already makes most of the profit.

However, I'm sure it is possible to sell elf instore at the same price as online, after all they are already marked up a lot compared to the prices in America

Karleigh said...

All my ELF polishes are perfect, and I have over 20 =D I love them! Elf and Illamasqua are my favourite polishes ever.

I think I would buy it more if it was on the high street, but only if it was all the same price. Americans only pay a dollar which is about 70p instead of the £1.50 so that's food for thought...


Louise said...

your nails are looking good nice colour xx

Natalya said...

Gorgeous colour and your nails are so lovely and neat! :) xxx

Ms Youshiki said...

I 1st discovered ELF by mistake picking up a lip gloss in PoundLand, it was after then I realised ELF is an actual brand not just some rubbish cheap company.
So ladies, please have a look in your pound stores you never know what hidden gems are there :)

Cotton Candy said...

I love this shade!
Here you can see my red velvet pics:

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