Sunday, 12 December 2010

Festive Nails with Barry M Emerald & Bright Red NOTD

When I think of Christmas, the first colours I think off straight away are red and green. I love Barry M polishes but I have never noticed their shade of 'Emerald Green' (284) before until last week. I nearly bought it and it turned out my colleague owned it and she lent it to me to play around with me for the week end. Of course, I had to show it to you. As usual, with Barry M, the application is a dream and my photos show 2 sloppy coats of polish.



The shimmer in it is to die for. I like the polish applied on its own, but I think the nails look even more lovely  with some kind of Christmassy white or red nail art on it. Don't you think? To achieve full opacity, the nails would benefit with 3 coats, but I don't mind too much showing my white bits on my nails. I can't help but marvel at the pleasure of the Barry M formula on my nails. I really wish they would come up with more shades, more often, as for me the range is predominantly dominated by creme finishes. ( I keep on using the word creme not knowing really what it is, it is when there is no shimmer, effect or duochrome reflects is it?)



Ever wondered what the Barry M bright red (262) feels and looks like applied on the nails? Here are some quick photos. The shine on this is incredible, the polish is super easy to apply but you will need at least 4 coats to achieve full opacity. Here it is with 3 coats and the white still shows through. I usually don’t mind a bit of white tip but with this colour and this finish, I really think it needs 4 coats.


How do I feel with this polish on? This colour is not me at all: too flat (yet super shiny) too loud, too orangey red. I feel a bit like a cheap hooker wearing it really :S



What are your favourite Barry M polishes? Feel free to leave me a link to a blog post featuring Barry M.


Lauren Loves... said...

Your nails look lovely. You're making me feel all Christmassy now.
Have you tried Barry M's Indigo? It's lovely xx

MakeYuUp said...

Ooo I have these 2 colours, I put emerald green all over then the red on the tips! :)

Carly.xo said...

The red is very bright, Looks Nice For Summer :)

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