Thursday, 16 December 2010

Festive Manicures featuring… YOU! :)

Lazy blog post from me? Maybe. But you can look at it from a different point of view: I wanted to share with you my favourite manicures from my blogger dashboard for the past 2 or 3 days and make the most of this opportunity to give a little shout out to some bloggers you might have not heard of. It seems a bit ridiculous for someone like me to do some shouts out when I am a small blogger myself and gained the support of just over 250 readers but never mind, every little helps, right? I could have also tweeted about these blog posts, but twitter is very much an instant communication tool and in the real world you can only access the followers who are on twitter, at the very minute you are tweeting.

I have a massive crush over this Turkish girl (Emerald Sparkled) and her manicures and photography are just to die for. For the past 2 days, she has brightened up my blogger reader and offered us 2 amazing posts. First one is very christmassy featuring China Glaze Mrs. Claus. I don't own any china glaze nail polish. I find the bottle ugly but I need to get over that cos I am missing out on a lot. Incidentally, I had my hair cut 2 days ago. The girl from reception was wearing a very snazzy glittery red nail polish. I said 'ooo is that china glaze ruby pumps'. She went 'Oh yes, it is actually'. I had a very proud moment ^_^ She was happy too.


and this is very fun one, featuring Alix Avien Nail Deco polishes, which crackle when layered on top of another polish. A bit like Barry M paint effects, which got the British beauty blogging community buzzing. My favourite from the lot is the blue crackle combination with Orly Mint Mojito. Yum, this is so gorgeous and so neat, I could eat it lol. Find Emerald Sparkled post here


We carry on with Jenni, from NailPolishUK, featuring the gorgeousness of Models Own Green Flash. (you can also click on the photo be redirected to the blog). She did such a good job at capturing the glitter, I am in total awe and need to add this shade to my ever expanding nail polish wishlist.


Still in the party spirit, feast your eyes over AVON 'decadence' nails from Sophie (melovemakeup). I would want to wear this shade anytime and not just for Christmas. It's so gorgeous!


Last but not least, I would like to show you this delicate frosty nails manicure from Alice (Super Gorgeous blog), featuring CiatĂ© Refresher I am not sure it would suit me, but it looks so nice on her. I love it! What did Alice use to create the glittery frost? Well, you’ll just have to click here to find out :)

frosty nails

I hope you like these manicures. If you have blogged yourself about a festive manicure or seen one around that you would like to share, please feel free to leave me some links. Spam me with festivity lol. Merci beaucoup xx


jaljen said...

Liloo, je te remercie millefois! Comme j'etais surprise de voir mes ongles!

Merci a toi et une bonne soiree a tous!

liloo said...

@jaljen je t'en prie. j'adore ton blog. je suis desolee de ne pas commenter souvent. xx

LilyLipstick said...

Gorgeous manicures. I can't decide which one I like best. x

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