Wednesday, 22 December 2010

My heart is beating for ...

Office shoes! I don't know when it started but office shoes are on sale and there are fabulous numbers drastically reduced! Here's a little selection of what I would buy if money grew on trees…


1. Trouble Shooters (£80)
I would actually call them ‘trouble makers’ instead. I just love the look of these sexy leopard heels, the subtle gold and the shimmer showing on close up. They are not reduced but they are divine.


2. Balls to that (purple) (original RRP: £85 reduced to £45)
When would I really wear these in the real world? I don’t know. But these would brighten any little black dress and all the attention would be on you and on yours shoes. They also exist in black, and are reduced to £30 for the black version.


3. Lay it down (RRP: £110 reduced to £20!!)
No idea when I would wear these but  are these stunning or what! if you like them, be quick, as the reduction on this is phenomenal.


and last but not least:
4. Take me serious (£80)
I know this is super expensive and there are thousands of taupe/beige/light grey nudey high heels like that around. Alas I have never been able to find some which suit my feet. My high arched feet are to blame and there is always a massive unsightly gap in the inner side of the shoe and underneath the arch.


Have I tempted you?
Have you indulged in the sales already?
Let me know, share your linkies and I can live your excitement through you :)
*sigh* if money grew on trees …


About Makeup Savvy said...

Love the Trouble Shooters and the Take me serious shoesies! So pretty.

But I really have treated myself way too much this month, so not even looking at the sales!

Fee x

missy_ellie_uk said...

LOVE Lay it Down - don't know where I'd wear them but I would totally buy them anyway. Trying to avoid the sales this ear as I always get too much stuff then have no money in January. x

Charlie said...

I love Balls to That so much!

Arietta said...

What lovely shoes, I want them all! But I think I'll wait for the sales to start here (after the 15th of January) and buy from Zara and Bershka, I've seen some lovely shoes there. Oh, I too wish money grew on trees!

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