Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Eve Party Makeup and Outfit of the … night

Some of you will know that I’m not too big on Christmas but I do love the parties around it. For me, it’s a blatant excuse to wear extravagant makeup and a bit of fancy dress too. Last night I went out and was a little miss santa for the night.


My makeup is very similar to my little devil makeup from last year (main ingredient being red loose glitter and my splash proof sealer – see tutorial-ish here). 


I wish I could go back and fix the blending on one eye. To be honest, no one noticed it really, and the red glitter distracted the attention. Aww there was this one guy and he went ‘ hey, your red… err… thing (making gestures at this point, pointing towards my eye) is cool. I went ‘did you mean my eyeshadow?’ Bless, they don’t have a clue, don’t they? :)




As for outfit, it was very much recycled: I wore a red top from Jane Norman (bought from ebay years ago), an A-line skirt from Marks and Spencer from 10 years hacked up with scissors to vamp it up a little bit, just one over the knee sock on one legs, fishnets tights from wilkinson’s (seriously, they are the best – don’t bother buying some from posher brands as they are too stretchy) and knee high boots from eBay. The white fluff is a christmas fluffy decoration from BHS stuck on the top with tit tape :) This outfit is a bit on the tarty side, but there so much flesh shown around last night that I actually felt classy haha. I don’t like this picture, i look like I got no neck whatsoever.


Oh and my hat is from eBay. It’s genius, it’s made with a invisible rubber band. Love it.




Em said...

How do you be so gorgeous? <3

Grace London said...

I absolutely LOVE it all. You win Christmas. Stunning. x

lilfairydoll said...

Check YOU out !! ;-)
looooove the ...eerrr...the red stuff on your eyes *points to general area* lol

Eyelining said...

You look amazing! I'm in love with the red glitter on the eyes xx

SilhouetteScreams said...

LOVE the red glitter <3

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