Thursday, 27 January 2011

Cut Creasing, Glitter spitting and Look Recreating

Is there a particular 'skill' in search for a better word in makeup/beauty that you are absolutely obsessed about and that you would like to achieve? Me, since I started to play with makeup, I wanted to learn on how to put false lashes. I remember I bought so many pairs which I ended up throwing away, and I remember all the tears and frustration through the learning process. Not that I am not pro now, but I'd like to think that I got better.

When I started watching makeup videos on YouTube, I remember being obsessed with 'cutting the crease' especially high cut crease as I truly believed it could help my droopy eyelids and give the illusion of a lifted eye. I feel really sorry for my poor friends who had to hear me whinging for weeks on end. Bri is one of my best friends, and not only she supported me through it, but she created an 'cut crease' for me back then and it really pushed me to try and try and try harder. Today, I want to pay a little surprise tribute to Bri (aka spittingglitter) and recreate one of her makeup looks.

I just couldn't resist recreating her sexy rock witch look which wowed me from the minute I saw it. I am so chuffed the tutorial she did for her sexy witch has reached more than 13,000 views. So so so so proud. Without further ado, this is the original look she did on her friend Saskia 



and this is my recreation. Oh my, I had sooooooo much fun recreating this.




To do this look, I used as usual my favourite purple ever, the purple from the sleek makeup acid palette, some cheapy green from boots natural collection (green glimmer). I used white and black from the nyx trio palette which I use all the time. For the highlight, it was mac blanc type.  Lashes are from cherry culture. I am not used to human hair lashes, they feel like pubic hair on your eyes. For the lip colour, I use barry m black lipstick applied over some regular black eyeliner.

I also recreated another and more wearable look from spittingglitter, but you're going to have to sit through my YouTube video tribute to her to see it :) clicky ckicky --> here <--

Last but not least, I would like to give credit to @millycupcake who did an amazing, fabulous, astounding work on digitally enhancing spittingglitter’s signature. Originally it was a handmade painting she made on the back of the head of her boyfriend, after she did some amazing tribal makeup on him. I used milly’s work in my video at the end

The original  was this:


and milly gave him an even cleaner shave and this is the final clean up:
tada :) :)




Jennifer Leigh said...

You look like a sexy wicked witch :) I love it.. I like yours better than the original, actually.

Ms. Wedgie said...

Both you and your BFF look absolutely gorgeous!! You're both very talented ladies! Love the comnination of colours in both the looks! :)

liloo said...

@ms wedgie @jennifer leigh aww thank you girlies xxx

Cydonian said...

omg there is only one word for this: hot! I want to try it but I know I don't have the skills lmao

spittingglitter said...

OMG - so many nice words! Don't really know what to say other than thankyou everyone! Liloo you are a genius, far too kind to me and not kind enough to yourself. And Cydonian - you should give it a go! :) x

Amina said...

omg so frikkin awesome!!!

liloo said...

@cydonia: omg totally give it a go, for the fun of it. i challenge you :)
@amina: thank you so much
@sg: there is so much more i wanted to say xx

Anonymous said...

OMG! These are both AMAZZZZZINNNNG!!


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