Thursday, 27 January 2011

BFF series - Un regard fluo - Makeup Look (Recreation)

I might just as well post these photos, right? It would be shame if it went to waste. In continuation to yesterday's  post (or this very early morning’s post more like) this is another look recreation from my friend spittingglitter on YouTube. There is no tutorial for this look, but my friend used mainly neon eyeshadows from affordable brand stargazer cosmetics. This is spittingglitter's look .


And this is my recreation. The pink, purple and green colours are from sleek makeup acid palette (what else, lol). As for the yellow, i totally 'cheated' and opted for a kinder shade of yellow (nyx mellow yellow) rather than a pure neon yellow. 




Overall I don’t mind my recreation, it’s all right even though it’s not as neon (fluo in French) as the original. I wish I wasn't so heavy handed on the purple and deposited a soft wash rather than a heavy purple rain. I like to pile it on baby.



Nats said...

Oh I love your look! It does look rather similar to the look you're recreating so a very good job on that, I can't usually get anything close to whatever I try and recreate!

beautydiarist said...

I think this is my favourite - I love the melding of the colours, reminds me of Caran d'Ache pencils I yearned for as a child, a rather glorious sea of different shades of reds into oranges into yellows into greens into blues into purples. Very restful if that doesn't sound weird! Thankyou. Jan x

spittingglitter said...

This is gorgeous - I am so flattered! Your use of slightly less 'fluo' colours makes the look a bit more wearable, and the addition of green on the inner corner gives a really tropical feel. I love it :) x

Louise said...

you are so talented that look amazing a really good recreation x

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