Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Restaurant Dates: Who should pay? You have answered...

One thing led to another, as it usually does on twitter and I was curious to have your opinions on the following question:

At a restaurant, do you think it should be the man who pays for the meal, the woman, or that the bill should be split?

This is what you had to say on twitter:


It was lovely to hear your opinions on the matter.
Thank you so much for your replies. xx
I, myself, would prefer to go Dutch, and split the bill. What about you?  I wouldn’t mind if the man pays a little more than me, but I would definitely like to pay my more or less equal share. He can pay for the tip if he wishes to, as I am not a tip kind of person. I only leave tips when I feel the service has been absolutely out of this world, outstanding and never equalled before. I guess this could lead to a whole new debate :P

p.s and what if it’s a dinner date between 2 women or 2 men? Who should pay then? The one who has the hairiest legs? :)


Arietta said...

The "hairiest legs"!!!! Hahahaha! I think the man should pay and the woman can buy him a drink afterwards or another time. I'm not into the whole "going Dutch" thing. Except if we are both in high school or college and cannot afford it. But a grown up man should be able to take a woman to dinner! xxx

About Makeup Savvy said...

I offered to pay half for the first few dates with my fiancee but he always insisted on paying!

As for now, 4 years on...I still haven't even gone halves with him!!
So I just spend money on him now and again so that we are more equal :)

I think for the first few days the man should want to pay for the bill...if he doesn't he's either tight or 'Just not that into you'!

Really interesting Q :) Like these posts alot!

Fee xx

The Postcolonial Rabbit said...
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Em said...

I think my boyfriend paid on our first date, and since then we just take it in turns to pay as it's easier.

In fairness, the boyfriend earns more than me and is generous, but I'd be horrified if he paid for everything!

Jan said...

Great post - I am old enough to feel as if a chap should pay, on my first date with my OH some *cough* 25yrs ago, he paid and I expected him to. Now I would still expect to be paid for if asked on a date, but would offer to halve it. I am with LauraW - can't bear stinginess. Thanks for this, you do such interesting thought provoking posts as well as such beautiful makeup pics. Jan x

walkthesand said...

Haha the one who has the hairiest legs... made me laugh!
I'm a bill splitter myself, but would be so overwhelmed if someone payed the whole thing.

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PurpleRamblings said...

Men should defo pay, I always offer to go 'dutch' but it is more a test then anything else - lol

The Eat And Critique Show said...

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