Thursday, 13 January 2011

CLOSED :¦: YouTube BFF Makeup Contest (Sleek Makeup, Nyx, No.7, Urban Decay)

More than a year since my last YouTube Makeup contest.
About time for another one don't you think?


What’s the theme of the contest?

There are 3 themes to choose from. The name of the contest is called BFF and BFF stands for Bird, Fruit or Flower. Your mission is to create a makeup look either based on a bird, OR a fruit OR a flower and to post it as a response to the contest video here on my YouTube Channel. Contest will End Wednesday 16 February 2011 23.59 GMT (London, England)

What are the prizes?
( Complete and bigger Pictures at the bottom of this post)

1 Sleek Makeup I-Divine SAFARI Eyeshadow Palette + 2 eyeshadow brushes: {No.7 blend & contour eyeshadow brush and No.7 smokey brush}
1 Sleek Makeup I-Divine CURIOUS Eyeshadow Palette + 2 eyeshadow brushes.
1 Nyx Runway Collection STRIKE A POSE Eyeshadow Palette + 2 eyeshadow brushes
1 Nyx Runway Collection VERSUS Eyeshadow Palette + 2 eyeshadow brushes
1 Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

SAM_4302 SAM_4292

SAM_4334 Image12

Important information about the prizes

0-2 Entries: Contest is cancelled. Participants get a consolation prize :)
3-10 Entries: 1 eyeshadow palette (with 2 brushes) to be won
11-20 Entries: 2 palettes (with brushes) to be won
21-30 Entries: 3 palettes (with brushes) to be won
31-40 Entries: 4 palettes (with brushes) to be won
50 entries and over: There will be 5 prizes, 5 winners and the grand prize winner wins the limited edition Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows. Yep. That’s right.

:¦: RULES :¦:
1. Must be a Subscriber to my channel on YouTube
2. Must be a video response to this contest video
3. Can be video or Picture Slideshow
4. Must list the products you've used in the sidebar or in the video/slideshow
5. If you have never posted a makeup video on YouTube before, please include a photo of you holding a piece of paper showing your YouTube username
6. Please make sure to explain/state your inspiration so that I can understand your look, and where you took your inspiration from
7. If you show your final in a live video, please include clear photos of your look.

-- Your look can be wearable or Dramatic
-- You may enter as many times as you want
-- You can do a tutorial if you want.
-- Open Internationally
-- Anyone can enter, No matter your age.

If under 18 please make sure to get parental permission
Contest will End Wednesday 16 February 2011 23.59 GMT (London, England)
Stuck for inspiration? I’ve put up 3 albums with pictures of birds, fruits and flowers for you. The albums contain a LOT of pictures. Only go & see them if you’re stuck for ideas, because it might be a bit overwhelming.

Wanna have a better look at the prizes, then?





Image10 Image12


To help me judge this contest, my very own BFF's, Bri aka spittingglitter on youtube and Jo aka joannadelilah on youtube.


Eee, feeling a little bit nervous about this. A whole year since the last one!
Show me your BFF, your bird, fruit or flower and let me give you some makeup :)

Image7 Image8


Sophie said...

Oooh fabuulous! I am desperado to with the Alice palette! :) I think I might give this a go! xx

Anonymous said...

Me too Sophie, I'm obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, I'm so upset I didn't manage to pick the palette up :(

Good luck!

BekahCat said...

Aah! Yay! I cant wait to do this! I so want the Alice pallet, but hey, I enter for the fun of it...

Thanks so much for hosting this!! :D


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