Friday, 11 February 2011

Barry M "Sunbuzzed" NOTD

I feel really sorry for my colleagues today. I've been going on about how impatient to go home to try in advance of the public special release the limited edition Barry M nail polish. Little old me was invited to try out 'Sunbuzz' (as I've decided to call it) a gorgeous limited edition nail polish Barry M released for Valentine's Day.

Barry M, Superdrug and The Sun Newspaper "Buzz" magazine have joined forces to offer a free Barry M makeup set containing a limited edition nail polish, a limited edition glossy tube super shiny lip gloss and black kohl eye pencil. The set is worth around £9 but you can get it for 60p.

All you need to do is:
- wakeup at a decent time tomorrow Saturday 12 February
- nip to the nearest corner shop
- get your copy of  The Sun Newspaper, making sure the newspaper has its copy of the Buzz Magazine inside (and someone hasn't nicked it or something) and part with 60 pennies
- Tear out the Barry M voucher
- Run to the nearest participating Superdrug store, demand your free kit and not leave the shop until you get it :P
- Go home, enjoy your free products, tweet about it
and remember to thank The Sun on twitter @TheSun_Buzz and Superdrug @superdrugloves
Now I appreciate that Saturday morning lie-in in bed are very precious to all of us so I wanted to give you a quick review of the products, before you set up your alarm clock and wake up at crack of dawn to get your free kit.

The first thing I noticed when I opened my kit was as gorgeously fruity it smelt. The smell came from the glossy tube of lip gloss. I am very much a beginner in terms of lip products so I'll jump straight onto what is for me the true gem of this kit: the gorgeous nail polish.


It applies very smoothly like a dream like most Barry M polishes, offers very good coverage even from one coat. Photos are taken with second coats. I would not usually wear nail polish with nails so short but it's a special occasion, innit? :) I am not sure if it’s because I have not worn any polish for a good month, but I find this polish to be particularly shiny with almost a jelly finish to it.



Finally the set also contains a good quality (pigmented and soft but not too soft) black khol eye pencil.


Will you be popping to Superdrug tomorrow?
I mostly definitely will, even if I already one set.



Joanna Louise said...

Oooooh I really like that colour! It's got the right balance between being a deep pink and a light red! x x

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this - the nail colour is such a lovely rosey red...just need to remember to get up in time ;-) Jan x

Amina said...

omg i love this colour!!! the real challenege will b trying to gt up 2mrw mornin lol

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