Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Beige Babe, Rimmel NOTD

This the second time I am wearing 'Beige Babe' from Rimmel and let't cut to the chase, I don't think it's a very good polish. When I saw beige babe in the shop, I just had to have it as the colour really called me by my pet name. The colour is totally babe-ilcious but I don't get on with the formula. My photos show 3 coats of nail polish and I still have some sheerness and gaps in place. My mind doesn't understand a nail polish which covers the 'white bits' of your nails, or the nail line as some of you call it, and yet still shows some sheerness in parts.


Beige Babe also boasts a maxi brush: This I cannot fault and I couldn't believe how much of the nail bed it covered with just one stroke. And this bonus is what it makes frustrating. So much potential to be a great polish! I am imagining how great it would be for let's say a Barry M polish to sport this kind of brush: wow. Not that I have any problems with a Barry M brush by the way.


I also wanted to comment on the durability of this polish. This is something I very rarely (read: never) comment on my 'nail polish reviews'. For one, my application leaves a lot to be desired. I firmly believe that a nail polish doesn't last long mainly because you didn't apply it very well. Therefore I wouldn't want to say that a nail polish doesn't last very long and damage its reputation, while I could have been the main culprit of the result with a poor application. But on this occasion, I just had to comment on durability as the 'up to 10 days' tickled me the wrong way. Rimmel: up to 10 days? P-ppplease. It only lasted one day on me without chipping. Then again, this could also be down to my seche vite top coat.


This polish, I am sorry, is a big disappointment for me. I have given two chances and I am afraid it let me down. What a crying shame: such a fab brush and such a fab colour too but the ‘patchiness’ is a problem for me. Rimmel: hadn't you boast about 10 days durability, me and you could have got along, as a nail polish never stay longer than 2 days on me, and that I am a colour chameleon anyway.


sugar sugar said...

ohh too bad it didn't work for you. :( i also did a post on a tea beige nail color on my blog just now. but was really happy with the results i got. :)

xmisslorix said...

I love this colour, what a shame the formulation is naff, I was going to buy this the other day but I might try and find a better beige x

WelshBeautyBlog said...

Such a shame the formulation is a disappointment - because the colour is so gorgeous! xx

Happy1234 said...

Lovely colour shame about the formulation - Im having a nightmare keeping polish on at the minute, it chips, flakes off by the next day. I dont know what Im doing wrong, I use a base coat and top coat

Beauty Begins said...

Check you out you little nail polish addict ;o)

I bought two Rimmel Polishes on Monday, only the lasting finish cheapy ones. One being strawberry smelling when dry! Yummy!!

I have to say they have hugely improved the formula since I last used Rimmel Polishes, but that was about 20 years ago ha ha ha ha ha.

GAWGeous application!


Jenny said...

I actually think this looks really good tbh,can't see your issues xx

Carly.xo said...

it looks similar to barry m's mushroom

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