Monday, 14 February 2011

Green 2True NOTD – Budget Nail Polish

Meanwhile in the high street world where I firmly belong, I paid a little visit to Superdrug today to check the shades of Beauty UK polishes I fancied (electric purple, soft green and glitter brown) after a love at first affair with their shades electric blue and smoky lilac.

Only soft green was in stock. Alas in real life, it looked too neon for my liking so I ended purchasing nail polish in shade 4 (green) from Superdrug Makeup Range, also priced at £1.99. Inspiration to buy this nail polish came from the most unusual place: my friend @kaveyf, a lovely food blogger, who quite frankly could not give a monkey about nail polishes and who bought this nail polish for a quick Halloween accessory.


So how did this little £1.99 number fare? I love the colour. I love the soft shimmer running through it. It is still a little more neon green, despite the delicate shimmer running through it (sorry if the pictures dont show it properly) but I assure you it’s there and it is gorgeous. Application was not very easy, the formula was a bit too watery for my liking, yet very manageable and we got there in the end LOL.



The great flat brush is a bonus and I wish all polishes had a brush like that. I didn't find the nail polish to dry particularly 'quick drying' as it claims but I found drying time to be normal. When would I wear this? I don't know to be honest. It's very bright, very fun and I can't wait to find an occasion to wear it.


Want to see the other 2true polish I reviewed earlier on last year? here here my ladies. Manicure comes complete with a *cough* deliberate red rhinestone to hide the *cough* deliberate boo boo on the tiny finger. Any polish from 2true you’ve tried and tested? Please let me know in the comments below. And why not go to town and leave me the address of your blog, I love discovering new blogs. thank you xx


Princess and the Pea said...

As a lover of all things green I am in love with this...will be off to get some very soon!


femketje said...

awesome colour :D reminds me of spring and summer :D

PinkSweetSz said...

Love the colour! Gawd Its so purrty! and green Wahoo Lol

jaljen said...

OMG that is very pretty. Green with a subtle but still visible shimmer. Must GET!

WhiteLily said...

Oh I love it! Gorgeous. You always do such a great job with your nails and the photos :)

Kavey said...

Oh oh oh I didn't see this, with my name in it!

I will find a photo of me wearing my halloween getup and the NP and send it to you!

Miss Diamond Pearl said...

Now that is a nice colour! Thanks for directing me to this after my disaster with 2True neon yellow! :) xxx

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