Saturday, 12 February 2011

Electric Smokes NOTD featuring Beauty UK

I am a happy bunny. After endless week ends of rain, the sun finally came out today and I was able to take some pictures for my blog. I am still very busy with my YouTube contest at the moment but you should be able to see some more posts from me on here. Boy, I have such a backlog.
Today, I want to show you my latest acquisitions in nail polishes: Electric Blue and Smokey Lilac both from Beauty UK (£1.99 each) bought with my own pennies.



Move over beloved Eyeko indigo blue, here comes Beauty UK Electric Blue. I can't believe this is only £1.99. It applied very smoothly, the formula was very easy to work with. I was a bit apprehensive I would have a streaky results due to the intense shimmer but it didn't happen. These are my nails with 2 sloppy coats on it. Ooo I love it when I can apply a nail polish without too much effort. I am in love. I've taken millions of pictures, indoors and in the sun. Am I spoiling you or what?




and under the sun.



The other polish I got was smoky lilac. I am a big fan of purple taupy shades but I was scared it would end up a little bit too 'lilac', like Berry Ice Cream from Barry M, which I ended up giving to a friend. At £1.99, I was happy to take the risk and I am glad I did it.



The colour reminds me of nails inc london (my no.1 polish in the whole world) and a hint of berries a la Barry M. My photos don't justice to the lovely colour but I hope you get the idea. 'Smoky Lilac' was also very easy to apply and because of its pale colour, I could even go even more sloppy than with the blue. Don’t my nails look so elegant, prime and proper here!



I want more! Which shades should I get? I am tempted by these already:



Beauty's Bad Habit said...

Smokey Lilac looks ridiculously gorgeous!

Joanna Louise said...

Wow both colours looks amazing on your nails!!! Electric purple looks like it would be amazing on but i am really drawn to the soft green! x

Anonymous said...

Ah that crazy green looks like something I would love to wear.

Daisy said...

Oh wow , the blue is lovely.. well they both are but the blue really looks fab!

Robyn said...

I have Smokey Lilac, I love it! I also have soft green, too, but I've only used it for marbling (the shame!).

xmisslorix said...

I love the smokey lilac colour might pick one up next time im in superdrug. your nails are always so well painted.
great post.


femketje said...

love that blue colour!

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