Monday, 14 February 2011

Parasols and "sorbets" from Paul & Joe

Is there a word in English to mean an umbrella to protect you from the sun? There is certainly is: it's parasol my twitter chums answered in unison. It is also the name for the latest Paul & Joe Makeup collection. Inspired by a painting of Monet, Woman with a parasol, the  limited edition collection includes 3 eyeshadow sets in hexagonal floral box, 5 eyeshadow duos, 3 lipsticks, 2 makeup bags and last but not certainly not least 5 gorgeous nail polishes. It’s the nail polish colours, my latest addiction to date which immediately grabbed my attention.

Here they are in their full glory, like juicy ripe sorbets in the sun, the Parasol Limited Edition Nail Colours:


Dapple – Fresh apple green with a shimmer finish.
Sunshine – Warm shimmering gold.
Ray – Soft shimmering cream.
Splendour – Warm coral pink.
Prism – Sheer pink with sparkles. 

"Featuring five pastel shades, Dapple, Sunshine, Ray and Splendour offer a pearlescent shimmer finish, while Prism comes loaded with glitter for a more three dimensional look. Apply one coat for a sheer glaze or layer for a solid colour. Adorned in a pastel floral print box, the spring blossoms collection was inspired by impressionist artworks." YUM!


Now Paul and Joe is not usually a brand I write about as I find the range a bit too high end and luxurious for me. But the polishes are priced about the same as an O.P.I polish, I've bought and worn some O.P.I polishes before, so please allow me to indulge and lust after them.


Paul & Joe Parasol limited edition nail colours can be found at and are prices at £9 each, with free UK saver delivery. If you want to indulge, there is also an offer at the moment on this Nail polish gift set, with a makeup bag and nail file reduced at £11. As usual, before placing an order online make sure to check and try your luck with a reduction voucher code. 


Scared to *cough* take the risk to find your precious polishes ruined in hasty loose packaging, the full Paul &  Joe range is also stocked at


May said...

Everything is so lovely!I love Paul & Joe packaging! xxx

Joanna Louise said...

The colours are all so pretty!!! I want! and I agree with May - all their packaging is beautiful - its a reason in itself to buy their products! x

Pamela said...

oooh good enough to eat! i adore Paul & pretty :)

girlinthecity said...

ha, liked your little quip at the end ;)

these are awfty pretty though - and eyeing up the lippies in the pic too!

a x

missy_ellie_uk said...

Haha you're right about asos packaging.....I've had a smashed Essie in the post before!

Love the Paul & Joe bottles. Have never tried any of their polishes before, I love these colours though. x

sugar sugar said...

i love paul & joe! can't wait for this collection to come out! =)

femketje said...

lovely colours :D

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