Friday, 25 February 2011

Makeup Shopping Trip in Asda, swatches galore and dazzling NOTD

*FOREWORD* This is another of these ‘put the kettle on’ posts, in other words, it’s a long one.


It's your lucky day. Tonight I am taking you shopping to Asda, Morecambe (North of England) with me and we're going to have a look at the makeup section. No need to move from your computer chair / sofa / bed, I'll come and pick you up. I had been hearing the British blogosphere talking a lot about the range of makeup products Asda supermarket was doing and wanted to check for myself.
Put your seat belt on baby, I am driving ^_^





So what did I buy? Well, you should know me by now:
Eyeshadows and nail polishes of course!

One dip of my fat finger into the testers for the VELVET individual eyeshadows and it was love at first sight. Really nice pigmentation but most of all, a texture to die for.The shadows definitely deserve their 'velvet' name. Are the shades unique? Nothing that you haven't seen before but I find them very good value for money. So I got home with 'jungle eyeshadow' (£1.50) in my bag.


Was it a necessary purchase? Of course not. It turns out I owned already 2 shadows which have more or less the same emerald shade. I think it's probably fair to point out that I like emerald.


Out of my 3 existing eyeshadows incidentally, it's the packaging 'Pesto' from MeMeMe that I prefer the most, it's the texture of 'Jungle' which I like the most. Green Glimmer (Natural Collection) is the shadow which is in the worst condition, with the pan falling out of its case, and the lid not even closing properly. Which shadow do I reach out the most instinctively? The shameful battered and bruised 'green glimmer' of course. (See the rock witch look I recreated here using the shadow).


Then, it's the 'Dancing Queen' Quad Eyeshadow palette at the bargain price of £3 which caught my eye. The packaging will remind you of some Chanel or Avon palettes. I am very impressed with the colour combination and the colour pay of of this palette. All my thumbs up ... well nearly. I have used this palette only once as I've really struggled to actually open it and it feels like everytime it shuts the palette close, that it jams itself shut? It is so bad that I thought I was never going to be able to use it.



Last but not least, I couldn't resist and got home with a lovely midnight blue polish, called 'Dazzle'. I absolutely love the colour and I can't take my eyes off my nails when I wear.


You absolutely must wear a generous layer of base coat beforehand as this nail polish as this nail polish will stain your hands really badly! The colour is too gorgeous for words but the staining left a really sour taste in my mouth. So much so that I am scared to wear it again and it made me a little bit paranoid. Maybe I'll wear with 2 coats of base coats to be on the safe side?





So that's it. I hope you enjoyed this little virtual trip with me to the George Makeup section at Asda. Do you own anything from George Makeup and do you use it regularly?



MakeYuUp said...

Jungle is such a gorgeous colour! And the quad looks just like ELF's Rocker but more pigmented :) You chose a really pretty nailpolish too, I always go to ASDA with 2 guys so I can never linger around the George section :(

Wendy said...

I enjoyed your virtual trip,:) Asda do have a lovely range. The nail polish is stunning, however since you mentioned the stains it creates I'm slightly put off by it. (sighs) but it is a very stunning colour.
lovely post :)

missy_ellie_uk said...

LOVE the polish! I don't own any Asda makeup as there's not one anywhere near me, unfortunately. x

Louise said...

I have a few bits from the George range the eyeshadows are soo nice and I love the nail polishes Dazzle is definitely on my list x

Fum said...

My Asda doesn't have the george makeup :-(

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